Filtration Products

Syringe Filters
*CT-6900-2502 Whatman Syringe Filter PVDF,0.22um 25mm,sterile,50-pk,($413.73)
*CT-SFPVDF025045SM Sterile G-MP Multi Layer Syringe Filter
10umGlass/1umPP 0.7um GF/ > Final; ($175.00/50pk)
many options         PDF
Mant option

 Reusable Syringe Filter Holder (10-pk) 25mm, SFRPP25 $105.00
50mm SFRPP50 $140/00
also 13mm $80.00)
order MFs separately

Membrane Filters
Membrane Filter 47mm, PVDF,0.45um,100pk,( $158.60)

*CT-12-MV8010 MityVac Selectline Hand Vacuum Pump w/Vac Gauge,ea,($135.00)

Vacuum Pumps

CT-VPJ0201 Motorised Vacuum Pump 20l/min 250mm/30psi pos, >40min duty-ycle,ea ($543.00)
No Discount !

CT-VPJ0332 Motorised Vacuum Pump,20l/min, continuous,250mm, ea, ($725.00)
No Discount !

Vacuum Filtration Glassware Set
300/1000ml Funnel/Frit/Receiver,$415.80)
CT-VFG050020, 500/2000ml ($695.00)
No Discount !

VacUFil BottleTop Filter, 90mm PES,0.22,500ml,Sterile,
10-pk,($540.00) Min ea

many Options : eg PVDF, Nylon, CA 0.45um,250, 500 1000ml, 50, 90mm PDF

Fast Cap Filters
*CT-298-9020 Nalgene FastCap Filters PES,0.22um 90mm,10-pk, ($480.00)

Use with GL45 Solvent Bottles
& a Vacuum Pump ( > motorised
for that extra flow & 1-liter or > receiver )


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