You can still pay by CC using >
our far more reliable PINCH Gateway !
IF PP is still problematic !
But by all means “Try” our MALs PP
On-line !
> & IT does w0rk for Us !

Payment links to PayPAL ?    : But this in itself has been
a bit “flakey” in recent years as is a bit “woke” and
the Australian PP is NOT really supported in practice & of
course it is run remotely by the “Yanks” from the US of A
or “elsewhere” ? . . . SE-Asia most probably !
> with some CC & other Bank issues >
STILL ! > Within AUS !

Our (& most) SHOP “Limitations”

Problems using PP ?

Cart-PP PROBLEMS ? > but we All persevere !
Re Our old(er) site SHOPPE
( Mals’ Cart-based )
> malscart-m5.htm

Problems ? BUT you can still treat “MALs”
as a simple
SHOPPING List to create your
Purchase Order >
Submit to Us by E-mail !
for Our Manual processing !
< PDF Update ‘21 a “potential” Simple part Answer! !

( at least at reasonable Cost ! )
Do seem fundamentally “flawed” in design !

Most SHOP Carts . . .

* We DO attempt NOT to do THIS ! *

Chromtech still does have some specific issues >

And No wonder Aus is fast becoming but a “Nation of Coffee Shops” . . . ONLY !

 IF So NOW U can simply use Mals’ as a
“SHOPPING LIST” & for you to e-mail YOUR RFQ !

Via 2018 ALT > CC via “Pinch Gateway”
??? >
ASK for details !
OR > details now on our ( Order Confirmation )
> CT-Proforma INVOICE and/or via a “Link”

> but still “Try” OUR MALS PP On-line !

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