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Features of the Chromtech Shoppe :

Shipping: In AUSTRALIA ONLY : Local Courier ONLY ( NOT Post )
Freight Costs are Averaged out covering 5 Shipping Brackets but are approx Only! based on Qty of items in the shipment ( and eventually to be based on total weight / or volume of each shipment )

Discount for Multiple Items or Qty Order on most items or product

PLUS : on All mobile/Shoppe Cart Products with CT- or SF- prefix in the Cat#
Discount off List Price for Qty OrderTotal ( Net Order ) & AUTO - applied !

>$399; less 15%;
$400-$1499; less $15%;
>$2500; less 20%
Int'l Shipments : requires your manual add-on Freight item cost !

  •  2020+ Air Courier Freight USD115 minimum for 500gm parcel, plus US30 per US30 per kg.

Sales Tax is automatically added to Australian Orders ( but Check ! ).
Nil for International originated Orders AND Shipping Address.

Guarantee : Any errors arising from the use of this “prototype” Shopping Cart due to s’ware bugs will NOT be fully compensated for.
Please double check your Order details
DISCLAIMER - No responsibility for YOUR Errors.
No Claims >
Changes will be charged for !.  A restocking Fee will apply 20% of the List Price.

Use of the Shopping Cart : Customer accepts the obvious limitations of the
Chromtech Shopping Cart design features.

Reversal of any transaction thru' PayPAL will NOT be acceptable
to Chromalytic under ANY circumstances.
Resolution of any disputes arising from Customer errors will be
negotiated "externally" between Chromalytic & the customer.

Our General Trading Terms . . . see >www.chromtech.net.au/trading_terms.htm

More help . . .