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FASTCap BottleTopFilter
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FAST CAP BottleTop
Filtration System

see also Plastic VAC-U-Fill BT Filters (aqueous ONLY
NEW Capsule Filters here > Re-Usable BT Filter

now via ThermoFisher 3rdParty Supplier FastCap, PES 0.2um, 90mm,
#298-8020 10-pk - supplied Sterile

Nalgene and Pall Caps are Now availablrle from CHROMTECH
vis ThermoFishe
due to product / Company merger ?

virtually identical concept and product

Patents apply

simple glass-ware 2 GL-45 Bottles and vacuum pump & tubing kit required for use

Fastcap Filter
PES Membrane 0.2um
for bottles with 53mm max Top 10/pk

(discontinued see New(er) Thermo product equivalent) #298-9020

 Nalgene Fastcap filter
(discontinued : see Thermo product equivalent)
  • works on any bottle that has a neck opening of up to 53mm.
  • the FastCap Filter eliminates the need to use threaded glass media bottles.
    - Place a Nalgene FastCap filter on bottle mouth,
    - attach a vacuum line to the larger center vaccum hose link and your liquid media tube to the smaller tube link and start filtering.
  • The Nalgene FastCap filters up to 5 liters of liquid.
  • Housing is blue polystyrene; the 90mm filter is made of PES (polyetheresulfone) with a 0.2um pore diameter.
  • The Nalgene FastCap filter is packaged in individual hermetically sealed plastic bags.
  • Nalgene FastCap filters are STERILE (gamma radiation sterilized).
  • FastCap filters are sold in individual units or as  a case of 10
    AUD Price $480 per 10-pk ( disc may apply > ASK ! )

To Order : #CT-FCF53-PES-0.2 AUD430.00 per 10-pk

GL45 Glass Sample Storage Bottles

Heavy Duty Borosilicate Glass

supplied Non sterile
Vacuum Use CAUTION
Fitration down to  200mm Vac
Use with approriate Care
- shield in case of possibile implosion
Use with . . .

VacuCap or Nalgene FastCap
ONLY with freely filtering fluids

see NEW improved Duran Design
“YOUTility” GL45 Bottle similar size
Glass Vials-Bottles

ReUsable BottleTop Filter
  • 47mm Dusposable Memrane Filter
    All Poylsulfone ( +Silicone O-rings )
  • Available in 250 and 500mL sizes
  • Polysulfone is strong, washable and autoclavable
  • Molded-in graduations make it easy to see sample volume
  • Polypropylene tubing adapter can be stuffed with cotton for sterile venting during autoclaving
  • Removable sterilization membrane support plate is designed to provide maximum flow rate and throughput
  • Filters accept 0.25 to 0.3125″ (6 to 8mm)
     I.D. vacuum tubing

Use with Vacuum OR
Pressure for UltraFAST - with Care !
Limit of 25psi depending on Membrane Limit

for GL45 or 33mm BottleTop Reservoir
NOT Supplied Order Separately
DS0320-2545 $295.00
DS03205045 $375.00

ASK to Confirm Price & Availability !


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