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CHROMTECH :  Specialists in Chromatography
- Fluid Transfer Products : & for All Your Laboratory Needs !
- Importers & Distributors in AUSTRALIA

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State of the Art-m5

Fluid Transfer : Tubing, Fittings,
Pumps, Valves  Fluid Transfer <09

Miniature Laboratory orientated products ONLY
1/16 to 1/4” OD tubing products (some metric eg M6 )

Many Products spread over several (>~12) Suppliers
see more details on Supplier Products-Flip

Tubing, PDF acrobat-but Chromatography Grade Polymeric, PEEK, Teflon, PFA, FEP, Tefzel Metal (Silcosteel/Sulfinert=Siltek; SS & Copper heat-cleaned chromatography grade),

Fittings, HTM Valves HTM; Metal SS High Pressure; Low Pressure : Teflon, PPS, PEEK, Silco-treated, Solenoid Pinch and Isolation Type
see Restek PDF 09 236-245 acrobat-but: , Parker and Swagelok fittings ( standard and Silcosteel-treated ) pre-cleaned SS, Silcosteel ( fused silica lined )
Plastic Fittings (ValuePlastics)

Pumps, HTM  Syringe, Peristaltic acrobat-but(see also MRC Labs full range), mIcro-Solenoid;(BCF),TSJ(Takasago) acrobat-but

Filtration Equipment, Membrane Solutions, Filtration : Glass System, BottleTop Filter, Membrane Disc Filters, Syringe Filters. Vacuum Pumps{Teflon/Membrane); 90mm PES FastCaps

Glass Vials, Caps/Stoppers; Crimpers (Kebby)

Pharmaceutical (Chromtech Suppliers) CrimpTop Vials; chlorobutyl stoppers,
FlipOff Crimp Caps; Ampoules


New ERA Pumps (HTM) Syringe Pumps, Peristaltic Pump

Vici-Valco /Cheminert 09 HTM : SS, Teflon, PEEK, Fused Silica capillary, fittings
 ( low and high pressure ), Instrumentation Valves ( HPLC : SS & polymeric Teflon/PEEK)
HPLC & GC : SS )

VICI AG (VICI-Jour) 09 HTM ; SS, Teflon, PEEK, Fused Silica capillary, ( low and high pressure ),

Omnifit (discontinued but still some stock)  09 HTM BioChem Fluidics(BCV) : Fittings, valves
Value Plastics >09 HTM Section mini Plastic fittings ( barbs, luers, threads, adaptors ) , check valves, stopcocks, Quick Connects, Tubing ( LDPE, polyurethane, PVC )

Biotech Fluid Transfer HTM; Upchurch Fittings

Qosina/MedLab 09 HTM Section Laboratory Fittings plastic, tubing : silicone, reinforced PVC, LDPE, plastic valves, check valves, stopcocks, Quick Connect fittings,

SGE Syringes

SRI GCs Gas Chromatographs (HTM) 8610C, 310C, NEW 8610V, Dual Oven 8610D; > pre-configured systems; Multi-detectors, Injectors; PeakSimple Data Systems

BioChem Valves 09 HTM xxx > BioChem Fluidics/ Omnifit >DIBA : Silicone . . . discontinued ! NOW Just “too big” for US ! unceromoniously “dumped”
after ~12years with the original BCV
/ but surplus stock  . . . in Melb

fortunately > many ALT replacements but NOT necessarily BCV Solenoid Pumps
( and their NOW more obvious limitations ! )

Takasago Solenoid Valves (Japan) HTM page
similar but more advanced products  > nano/micro Fluidics FlipHTML5 ( 2014/16 intro )

  • Solenoid Valves (Fluidic):  Pinch; Isolation
  • micro injection Valves
  • Nano Pumps ( , mini Persistaltc, pen peristaltic,
  • electro-osmotic, piezo electric micro pumps
  • Nitonel devices
  • MicroFluidic Chips
  • Silicone Tubing some fittings
Takasago Cat 2014-16

Access to NanoFluidics Products > ASK!

All a bit too New for US !
> oo HighTech ! re APPS
 We need / seek some Nano “GURU” collaboration

the “respective OEMS
are still a bit “precious” re detail co-operation ?

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