Ferrules, Graphite Ferrules - ALL Sizes 1/6"  to 2.0"ID

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Graphite Ferrules - made in Australia& the original “Big Deal” !

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Graphite Ferrules
Graphite-PolyImide Ferrules

Graphite Ferrules (Shiny Black) Subambient ->450C & > Higher

temps15% Graphite-Polyimide(Vespel Matt Black~325C long term

vespe lferrules

100% Vespel Ferrules
 (Bown-Orange very hard) ~300C
brittle at low

Teflon Ferrules ( to~ 225C ) but Note >f low transition at ~28C > problematic !
CTFE even Better ! (or PFA?)

ideal for GC ! glass/Packed and fused silica Capillary Columns
but > can diffuse in air > at ultra High Vacuum eg GC/MS inlet / column outlet use ( but mainly of Any significance at Only ppM levels )
Graphite can shed shards of graphite powder as they can tend to fragment
( re reducing ferrules IF overtightened ) unless captured adequately in appropriately designed fitting
( a la”old” MS Jet Separator” problems etc ! )

 polyimide > various “subtle” thermal expansion effects !
& generally TOO Hard x for Glass / Ceramic tube use-age !

Hardness : 100%Vespel
> 15%Graphite/Vespel> Teflon >> Graphite ( & malleable & reuseable with care !  > at lower cost ! )

for LC & HPLC PEEK and /or Teflon -like eg CTFE are recommended
> for far better solvent compatability & extreme pressure
see our VICI-Valco-USA and VICI-AG(Jour) (Swiss)

NEW Collapsible PEEK / CTFE(Kel-F) Ferrules for 1/16 ( and smaller)
and 1/8”OD tubing ! > & do NOT distort !
Conical ferrules ? > obsolete ? > tend to stick in flat-bottom ports / Valves
and fittings

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y Ferrules

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Ferrules as used in the Chromtechs’ context . . .
Are leak-tight Pipe-fitting seals connecting Tube Fittings and various type of Tubing; SS, polymeric, glass ceramic , fused silica . . .  in capillary and larger GC Column sizes; the latter being “fragile” and will just not sustain compression by conventional metal ferrules ( “a la” Swagelok etc )

Metal ferrules normally used by “Fittings OEMs” traditionally use metal (SS/Brass)
And with their obvious limitations !
It’s not even in their pecuniary interest to even make OR re-sell Graphite Ferrules
Metal Once-off use - then you’re /they’re “buggared” !
Graphite Ferrules “slide-off” can be re-used many times
altho’ they do tend to be  “captured’ in the Nut if over-tightened
> For some GC OEMs with fore-sight ( eg Fison / Shimadzu) specify metal-jacketed/sleeve versions & in specially designed fittings > ASK !

Applications include chromatography connections where gas-tight seals are essential both in positive pressure but also under high Vacuum such as GC/MS where the material used must be high purity and sustainable at up to 450degC nowadays
Common sizes range from (1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4”OD with IDs tube size
as small as 0.3mm up to 2.0”ID and larger for more exotic applications ? ASK!
          AS far as we know we are the ONLY OEM of GFs with IDs larger than 1/2”
                                                 . . . ANYWHERE !

In fact there are few OEMs who make GFS at all . Most Suppliers are in fact Distributors ONLY ( such as Agilent, Thermo, Shimadzu etc and AT MANY TIMES THE PRICE

Graphite Ferrules see Graphite Ferrules (HTM)
   > by FAR are the most Universally applicable type !

& where the Metal Ferrules are just NOT Good Enough !

FITTINGS OEMs DON’T necessarily like us > as GFs are reusable (with care) and easily slide off the tubing;
They are soft and malleable and deform to fit the shape of the fittings “internals” . . . and help to reduce dead-volume
They also have similar co-effs of thermal expansion as metal and will not leak under temperature cycling
There are virtually NO practical temperaure limits (but >450C as constraints impose by current Gas Chromatography practices and up to 1800C in an inert atmosphere)

Pressure Limits are at customers discretion
( Straight>> Reducing Type ) >100s psig size gas dependant
DONT USE with Hydrogen/Oxygen Air/ at High Temp >300c ?



Fittings & Ferrules(more!)

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