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CHROMTECH : Specialists in Chromatography
- Fluid Transfer Products : & for All Your Laboratory Needs !
- Importers & Distributors in AUSTRALIA


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ut “Comrade” Dans’ “day” is coming ! ?

Chromtech GC/HPLC & Fluid Transfer Products - SHOP2CT- see also > mobile ( preview )
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Treat as a RFQ Initially > 2021 SHOP Prices are being Updated
are ExGST & AUD2500 MAX Limit CC & PP Orders within Australia ONLY !

MAL’s Cart
> Current $’s
NOW 2021+
& OK to Use !

> this Main Detail Site for reference eg [Search] “mobile”<

eg [“HPLC”+[“columns”]

this ECWID SHOP Is ACTIVE and does Auto  RE-SCALE for MOBILE Phone use !
but “pinch & zoom / screen rotate” if need be !

this ECWId SHOP Is ACTIVE and does Auto RE-SCALE FOR MOBILE Phones
but “pinch & zoom / screen rotate” if need be !
a ECDWID “Quirk” Our products are divided into Ptoduct Catagories > For Orders > ONLY One item per catagory is enabled other items
are signified by leaving its’ entry as “BLANK” > “clutters” the Invoice a bit !



QuicK-SHOP2CT (>HTM pages Here!)
(some of) OUR SHOP Catagories

4 far more complete & >30,000 products
 see > Our New WIN Site soon > 2019 but Only for “select” ACCOUNT clients
> registration will be required !
> FlipPAGE Intensive OR > Our Intro Site

GC Columns

Fluid Transfer

Fused Silica (Restek)


New Vial Products

MXT Columns (Restek)


Fluid Dispensers

MEGAColumns (FuseSilica)


Filtration Accessories

Packed  (& Micro) Columns 
NEW “Diatomite”


Instrumentation Valves

HPLC & LC Columns Ultra11 / Raptor / 1.9um

Pumps : Syringe / Peristaltic

Lab Equipment

CHROMTECH for ALL YOUR Lab Needs ! . . . if Not we’ll try & get Alternative(s)

for ALT Detailed Websites see >

& Flip Website(s)

a “library”> a more comprehensive Shop


FlipSITE   FlipSITE-Mobile

Shop2CT ( < ECWID  )

Quick SHOP ( < WIX )

they’re both a bit “primitive”
 but it’s simply the best
they / WE can “simply” do !

> functional & now Active !

Prices - as of 2018+ Now ! > 2021+ > these “partial” shops are “On-Line Active”
but with PRICES to be updated ! . . . periodically

OURComplete” Price List SHOP > ( )
has NOW been taken Off-Line due to our competitor “misuse”
NOW Activated Only for “fair dinkum” Corporate clients on request
> registration Required . . . & at our prerogative / ”discretion”
NEW Customer Registration Form PDF NEW Customer Registration

2021+ we’ve reverted to Mals Cart as the best “compromise” for a
“Quick” Shop albeit an expanded ( but still a limited ) range of AUD Prices 
 > NOW Current 2021 ! and integrated into our Main Home page > Or

In Shop2CT

Add1(One) Item per Shop SECTION ONLY
Use as Shopping List IF PayPAL is temperamental & ASK for a Quote !

2021-8 >+

OUR Original (more Detailed SITE “” has been “archived“ > Now requires REGISTRATION > 2021+
and “morphed >
> as a “High” TECHNICAL RESOURCE for our “loyal” Customers

Many OEM PDFs, Flip HTML5 are retained > for “posterity”
ALL OEM Rights Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights

No permission is granted for their use for any commercial purposes

many of Our Products / OEM Suppliers “by attrition” have become redundant over decades of our Web development
We reserve the right to offer Our Customers suitable Alternatives
> items of similar Or better quality !

gleaned” from our respective OEM Suplliers



many of OUR older small(er) PDFs ( >10mB) and large “bundled “ Catagory “BOOKS” may be invaluable to our end users > .
We intend to offer these as a “Technical Resource“ suitably encrypted with “interactive passwords” with limited “open access” >  for security and some end-user misuse ! ASK for details !

via this WE also seek to encourage more interaction
with Our  “loyal” customers
AND OEM SUPPLIERS with Us to”share ideas” !

& > a product preview to / from
Our detail FlipHTML5 PC< >mobile Site(s)

but U can still “ Pinch&Zoom / rotate ”
on a
“decent” Mobile phone( eg A8+)

2020 Updated


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Chromalytic Technology PtyLtd ‘95-2021+ : CALL 03 9762 2034 :
OEM Supplier : Trademarks, Patents.&  logos apply ! Copyright Copyright - All rights reserved !



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