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CHROMTECH :  Specialists in Chromatography
- Fluid Transfer Products : & FOR !All Your Laboratory Needs
- Importers & Distributors in AUSTRALIA

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Some OEM Products ( File-prefix > “ X “ s > “ 404Error   have been “ Archived “
Manual PDFs are still available !   for reference ONLY >  but ASK ! as we may offer ALTs /

Why “404” Errors . . . OurSite ? !


 our July/Aug 2018 Site “ERRORS” ? > Dramatically exacerbated by GOOGLES et al “Ineptidue”

Error Diagnostic page

. . . at refreshing their INDEX after our site revision > maybe 100s of pages may now be
Not on Line.primarily caused by Googles on-going “ lack of integrity” and vague SEO Guidelines

  • Web design issue re blank, underlines word separators in “page titles” etc get interpreted with
     “%20” instead ??? maybe> “404” etc Browser errors ???
  • HTML4 vs > HTML$  limitations !!!
  • Clean-up initiated 08July18  ...& on-going . . .? we’ll advise here when issues are Fixed         
  • GOOGLE can take months to RE_INDEX and it’S VERY DIFFICULT TO delete URLs’ ! ARGUABLY the biggest “blunder in the history of the NET !

Re “Cloud Servers” Mugs Beware
Don’t trust or rely on them

WE are certainly backing up /dupliating effort
 . . . just in case
Re Our Ste too ambitious ???
75Gigabytes at <1meg/min  100’s of PDFs, FlipPages etc

to restore it from a PC > . . . you work it out the time involved ? weeks of uploads
         that’s IF you CAN get a decent “web-speed”

OUR Cloud server has been down for “days” with a “wait for it”  to be fixed

Was it due to the bushfires in LA indirectly causing the problem maybe the next coming Earthquake
- a matter of time ! ???

fancy putting the “centre of the web universe” in the LA-CA-USA locality
hypothetically / potentially THAT is “bullshit”

be patient!  VEeeeryyY Patient ! . . . In AUSTRALIA WE ARE Still a 3rd World Country !
2013 even more-so it seems !

FAQs  for ”FOOLS” OR “Traps for us ”Dummies > Beginners” !

over 25 years on the net we made the “trivial” mistake of using Underscore “_” instead of a space in Page File/Tiles rather than %20 the “old” standards why a “space” is not interpreted by the web ?

  • the “gurus” themselves concede but still can’t work around this issue

- but it does create a living for the like of GOOGLE, SEOs / ISPs, etc

so to conform recently we have tried to replace “ _” with a “space” rather than use a “minus” commonly used

Moral > if you get the dreaded
 “404 Error” on our site(s) and see a “_”  in the URL ( or maybe a “minus” )
replace it with a “blank” and it should auto convert to a “gobble-de-gook” “%20” everywhere for the page to work

NOW for more redundancy we have both file “ “ and “_” in file names
& let GOOGLE figure All that Out !

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do a GOOGLE SEARCH THIS Site ! - & to cut out that other Web “crap” !

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