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CHROMTECH :  Specialists in Chromatography
- Fluid Transfer Products : & 4 All Your Laboratory Needs !
- Importers & Distributors in AUSTRALIA

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but ASK ! as we may offer ALTs ! > Flip HTML5 !

Restek Literature generally is updated regularly > Older
 material is kept for “archive” Purposes > and as a Customer
TECHNICAL Resource see 2011-22015-6 (& Current) Catalogs,
but some items are no longer available / superceded ! > ASK !
Printed Catalogs also have been  discontinued by Restek !

[SRI GCs] [SRI GCs-m4] [SRI GC APPS-Videos-m4] [SRI GCs 2016] [SRI Custom GCs] [SRI MultiGas Analyzer GCs] [SRI MGA-5 Update] [SRI015 NEW Ideas] [SRI H2-100mini 2022NEW-m5] [SRI AUS Terms-m5] [SRI HELP-Manuals-PDF-m5] [SRIGC-PriceList-m5] [SRI-Euro HPLC-2023-m5] [SRI Euro GH GasAutosampler AS210-m5] [SRI 10 Position VIAL Greenhouse Gas Autosampled] [SRI PDF NEW2024-6-m5]

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  MS WINdows generally has always been a “bit of a dog” since it’s initiation in the 1980s and through its various incarnations from DOS> XP> Win7(reiiable),> Win10 ( also 99% reliable ! . . . ? )
BUT WIN11 in reality (2021+) is STILL being “debugged”
by YOU “ end-users WW ” & NOT US ! ( > THE strategy (ploy) of ALL’S’ware in fact ! and by each And ANY OEM ) of ANY era )
But it’s
The best(?) THE World Can Offer ?

SRI GC PeakSimple has been “in vitro” for >~30years evolutuons THe GC ( current SRI 8610 model) and the “bult-in”PeakSimple /DataSys has been thoroughly  “debugged” progressively as a GC Operating System ( when/If used  within the stated SRI Operating Instructions )

GUARANTEED TO BE FULLY FUNCTIONAL in the hands of End-Users with a “modicum”

  • chromatography experience
  • general handyman skil
  • relevant spare parts
  • All with an “ounce” of  YOUR “common sense ? “

some organisations even restrict use and ANY maintenance ON ANY Instrumentation skilled professionals with appropriate certification . . . re OH&S in particular !
-    a “general” pHD is simply NOT a suitable qualification MIN of
BSc -Chemistry is suggested>recommended ! > & by an authenticated “approved University” Or Authority !

SRI / Chromalytic Technology DISCLAIMER
/ emphasized >here ! ( see Our general Disclaimer ) AND the SRI GC WARRANTY

We accepts NO Responsibility what-so-ever if the SRI GC “System” is used and/or abused > “otherwise”

IN Reality this includes . . .

  • installing a computer of any sort  stand-alone or on a LAN or THE Internet
    Including ANY Security Required > Anti-virus and “scammer”protection deemed necessary !
  • Downloading or installing ANY “UNAUTHORIZED”ANY 3rd party S’,ware onto such PC using that SRI GC “Operating System”
  • To even plugging the “system; into a Live Power Point or even turning the light-ON in your Laboratory / work room without “approval”
    ALL> a University pre-requistite it seems ! whether”woke” Regulations
    Or NOT !

SRI GCs  ( All 8610s )TO START

  • IF U Don’t Understand THEN ASK Question FIRST !
  • Download HELP Info onto a separate PC ( Internet Connected )

    ANY GC TROUBLE Whatsover !
    Install PeakSimple onto a “safe” PC

    WIN10 ( but NOT necessarily !WIN11  ) using the latest appropriate PS Version  recommended  by SRI !
    WIN 10 is ((%OK} ( and more-so WIN 11 ) IS Certainly NOT “FOOLPROOF”
    THE “hassle” IS to Turn -Off the WIN AUTO Download of THEIR UPDATE ( even WE can’t reliably do This effectively > a WIN 11 “bug” )

    This in extreme circumstances CAN effect long term running of PeakSimple and the GC  . . . with some annoying shut-down(s) & spasmodic maybe under WIN 11 but this is very rare yntuil U prove otherwiseALL-At-Your-Risk !

  • BE-A-WARE !

NO two After PS Loaded on a Stand-alone “clean-PC”
ans USB Cable to GC Connected to the SRI GC Turned -ON Verify the PSGC Port No

NO three Peak Simple Driver Trouble Shooting

Other SRI Links

[SRI GCs] [SRI GCs-m4] [SRI GC APPS-Videos-m4] [SRI GCs 2016] [SRI Custom GCs] [SRI MultiGas Analyzer GCs] [SRI MGA-5 Update] [SRI015 NEW Ideas] [SRI H2-100mini 2022NEW-m5] [SRI AUS Terms-m5] [SRI HELP-Manuals-PDF-m5] [SRIGC-PriceList-m5] [SRI-Euro HPLC-2023-m5] [SRI Euro GH GasAutosampler AS210-m5] [SRI 10 Position VIAL Greenhouse Gas Autosampled] [SRI PDF NEW2024-6-m5]

Green > Black H2 ??? > an Overview !

SRI H2 Gen

U-Tube Videos - SRI GCs

SRI GCs Introduction

Cannabis GC

●   SRI 310MM GC SetUp   > Part 1 Part 2 ? Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

●   SRI GC Derivatization for cannabis potency testing

●   How to test for THCA and CBDA in a GC (SRI)
Through the process of derivitization using an SRI gas chromatograph (GC), it is no longer necessary to use an expensive liquid chromatograph (HPLC) to test for THCA and Delta-9-THC.

MultiGas MG#5 Analyser

●   MG#5 Familiarisation

SRI Valco Valves

●  SRI GC Valco Valve detail

some More SRI Videos

Introduction to SRI Instruments Gas Chromatographs 0:25 / 14:47

Peak Simple 101 0:17 / 10:24

NO three Peak Simple Driver > Trouble Shooting
IF Still ?
NO four THEN Call ME(JIM) 03 9762 2034 with ALL Symptoms > GC Parameters used ( be in front of the GC System with phone )
Do NOT Tamper with the GC Internals without Our appropriate Instructions > re WARRANTY VOID ISSUES
Use ONLY YOUR PS  “Default” Run Parameters and/or the recomended GC Front Panel Controll ONLY !

Inside the SRI GC

How to remove and install a column (MXT) ( in the SRI 8610C cannabis testing GC) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVhqJIOK6aY

Maintenance on the SRI TCD - replace filaments (34ohm =/- 0.2ohm ) : 2or4 filaments > replace one if other(s) matches The newone ! (~Aud120ea) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9RWiU8Ugqc

Ensure Helium flow B 4 turning filaments ON ( purge GC Flow Sys for 10-20 minutes with He Carrier after GC> Off ( On stand by > NO Carrier
eg on changing CG cylinder )
TCD Manual -  Filament Protect Circut ( 2015+ installed ) PDF pdf

Diagnosing the Thermocouple out of Range Alarm (TORA) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IV_dqO0Zf1E Video
- ( > Check ALLM324 Chips on Front Display PCB, All phone jack connections or for “broken” thermocouples > then call SRI ! ? )
   2nd Tier HELP

   www.chromtech.net.au/pdf2/SRI HeatBoard€¯TroubleshooingDec2014.pdf2/
( but maybe this even refers jointly to the SRI8610B GC ? )

Peak Simple 101
0:17 / 10:24

Calibration Standards for GC
: getting started 0:54 / 8:13

SRI H2 100 Hydrogen Generator
www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRY9BPTfW1I 0:41 / 5:08

How to test for THCA and CBDA in a Gas Chromatograph
0:43 / 26:20

Install the 10Pos GreenhouseGas Autosampler

Inside the “guts” of the 8610C GC

Replace the SRI mini Air Compressor

Intro to Cannabis Testing SRI GC

How to test for THCA and CBDA in a Gas Chromatograph (GC)

Part 1: SRI 310-MM GC Set-Up 0:27 / 8:07

SRI GC Derivatization for Cannabis potency testing 0:37 / 8:30

Ten Position Stream Selector 0:33 / 2:58

Ten Position Greenhouse Gas GC Vial Autosanpler

SRI-Euro Greenhouse GC AutoSampler AS210 (HTM)
Video 210x20ml Vials or 348x12ml Exetainer

10 Position-VIAL GreenHouseGas Autosampler-(Jan 2022 ) #8690-0047 USD5871(2022) PDF Video
Extra Int PCB #8690-0048 USD1438

Repairing the SRI EPC
Replacing the SRI EPC

Valco Valve SRI GC


How to Calbrate using SRI PeakSimple

Calibration Standards for GC: getting started
https://www.youtube.com/watchv=aZbiiEpU424 &list=PLOHjFiaHcyTYBvDecwCbZ8nAl_7yV_6vo&index=4

Manual Integration Tools in Peak Simple

2022 > Misc > U-Tube

2014-H100 H2 Gen

Inside the SRI GC 8610C ( an Intro )

Recognizing different GC detectors
https://www.youtube.com/watchv=mtEFtruhnsE &list=PLOHjFiaHcyTYBvDecwCbZ8nAl_7yV_6vo&index=3

|CurtisLab| Gas Chromatography Tutorial - SRI 8610C PT. 3

Chromatec ( generic > Not Chromtech-AUS )

Part 1: SRI 310-MM GC Set-Up
https://www.youtube.com/watchv=jcjShhbvf0M &list=PLOHjFiaHcyTYBvDecwCbZ8nAl_7yV_6vo&index=5
Part 2: SRI 310-MM GC Set-Up

https://www.youtube.com/watchv=IRedHYLwlSI &list=PLOHjFiaHcyTYBvDecwCbZ8nAl_7yV_6vo&index=6
Part 3: SRI 310-MM GC Set-Up

 Hydrogen Generator

SRI H2 1002014+ PDF

Video H2100FlyerMay2014.pdf
NEW “mini H2Gen PDF

  • * H2 vs Helium Cost Saving PDF

    evolve over many years > decades
    virtally completely SAFE !
  • PEM Membrane cell NO caustoc involved !
  • > 99.5%
  • But use an Oxytrap near GC inlet for air sensitive columns and GC Apps
  • “near” idiot proof in fact !
  • Minimal storage volume (50cc) > self regulating
    Neglible risk in a GC oven environment

If in doubt use with a mass flow controller on the GC Inlet To SRI Oven etc > IF high H2 flow is Required or some sort of “restricted” flow system.


The default Oven air circulation will certainly cope safely under normal capillary column operaton ! (1-10 m/min even with a column break BUT Do NOT Vent column Outlet into the oven during a “bake-OUT!


AND use a “approved” hand-held H2 Sensor as final PROOF !
IF in ANY Doubt !

Green vs Grey vs Black ?
H2 Overview !

A mini breakthoughh in H2 Gen >
Generally ! from Melbourne Uni? ! Video

CT SRI GCs APPS Videos-m4

> a TECH Resource for Analytical Chemists !


 > ~1000px PC Results
Or Ctrl-on this page
> results -m5

the Web "Ask" chromtech.net.au



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