a “pet” Subject  > Nuclear Energy !

LFTR Liquid Fluoride history evolved to a most promising and still an ALT Nuclear “concept” ( see Our  other “BLOGs)

NOT to conventional “thinking” > accepted generally except by China, India and a few other Countries with “guts”

Modular Nuclear Reactors  getting R&D >>>commercialization (Royce] ( within a few to 10 years ? > mass production IF the “System” allows it !

  • when the Oil / Gas consortium literally “runs out of steam”

    Short term ( maybe 100s of years ) > all a matter of economics probably better research for industrial uses re plastics etc

    SO !
  • Why aren’t we using THORIUM in nuclear reactors, given the possibility of a meltdown is nearly zero and the waste cannot be used to make bombs ?
    >“ColdWar Politics” of last century”
    U Do > a Google “lookup” . . . :
  • Alvin M Weinberg (Wikipedia)  the “unheralded” pioneer if LFTR technology
  • Kirk Sorenson > a current “vociferous” proponent of LFTR

We have intensely researched the “tainted”History of LFTR technology
still being denigrated (“shit-canned” ) by the “sceptics and obvious vested interests” . . .THE ESTABLISHMENT alike !
“The Future of Nuclear“
a review
Current intense development and being resurrected by > The Netherlands, CHINA, India, Sth Korea and others even > Indonesia & even Bangladesh !
> Australia ? which has plenty of cheap Thorium resources
( a 1/3 of Worlds resources ) > Similarly Uranium Ore which we Export
but still refuse to actually USE !

BUT Where is our ( AUSTRALIAs ) Nuclear Technology ?Question

State-of-the-Art ! > AUSTRALIA !

> politically “naive” and with the “conned” masses  >  head-up-our-arse” >
archaic USA “non-proliferation” > and NOW virtually disbanded by
ALL Other Western Countries
WE are the last Western Country to Ignore ! & blatantly banned Nuclear Energy . . . forever ! ? . . . by “Legislation” ! . . We are mis-guide > mis-managed “fools” !

the near-perfect Answer to CO2 emissions and ANY Global Warming ?
 . . . even IF that IS Real

AND IF there is to be a sensible logical “answer” to this “hypothetical “ “disaster” scare campaign !

South Australia Nuclear Fuel Cycle ROYAL COMMISSION REPORT 2016

A critique evaluation  / summation The CASE FOR / AGAINST
All debatable ! > Spin Maybe ?by the pseudo experts )

Is nuclear ‘the most expensive form of energy-A 8July22.pdf

> Further incidental References

far from definitive but a precise of possible trend
in a possible change of thinking “mood”

  • under review still > highly details ( but  superficial “current” technology
    > far too complex for politicians or the media to even contemplate
  • Many “buried” > controversial still beyond comprehension even . . .
    for the “average Joe” > “Twitter”
    of NG / LPG in the World !

2022 > but Internally Australia is purported to have a gas shortage and NG is being priced “out of existence” within contrived by the “Energy Moguls”

“Dick-head “Dan is now contemplating banning domestic gas appliances

SouthAus current attitude is simply to use an “extension cord”
to “plug-in” the Eastern AUS “Electricity Grid” ( still lagrely Coal & Gas fired ! )
& currently being placed under extreme stress by the expansionary
needs of “perfect” Wind and Solar > Ha Ha !

SA is deluded. . .  “naive” at best ! “conned” into even believing they can construct > Nuclear Submarines with long term infrastructure plans let alone
Any ambitions of actually educating / training the specialists required
in such a “dismal” Education System > “Political Environment”
3rd World Australia here we come ! > probably What We actually Deserve !

The Banking Financial system in Australia is renowned for
 it’s complete “gut-lessness in funding new HighTech Ventures

often propped up by Governments and the contrived SHARE MARKET
and the “gambling” mentality of ALL out there !

LFTR ( Molten Salt Reactors ]
> & T
he subject of copious reference in Our "other"” BLOGs

Video a “prep-starter” LFTR  2019   video
some History OakRidge
The Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment 1960 > video

a bit more advanced History
The Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor: What Fusion Wanted To Be 

The Thorium Molten-Salt Reactor: Why Didn't This Happen
 (and why is now the right time?)
> video
these >just
to wet your appetite !

But this was ALL 60 years ago supported by Pres. NIXON
and THEM CANCELLED by dumb bureaucrats . vested nterests

Now Technically near-perfected!

YES I am enthusiastic . . . a fan of LFTR > potential !

CT > re Nuclear Energy !
the “obvious” ANSWER

B4 “FUSION” & ~30years away ? IF Ever “approved” !

re OUR ALT Energy>LFTR FlipHTML : 
PIC Gallery

[ALT Energy-LFTR-m4] [re Energy Crisis-m5] [re Energy Options-m4] [re Nuclear Energy-m5] [BLOG GreenH2-m4]

2023  > NEW Thorium NuclearEnergy Tech
Denmark “Proto”
U-Tube (13min)Thomas Jam Pedersen's 2022
Thorium Energy Alliance Conference Albuwuerque NM

Looking for Countries with the
”guts” for the ongoing R&D
. . . re corrosion & lifetime !

Unique design AIM >doe mass production Reactor per day in a 40ft Container 10 ~ 100MWatt
uses Plutonium waste > an extra
x10 the Energy from exhaust > “waste”

-  the Lowest Cost Energy of ANY ! alternative
GE-Hitachi - RollsRoyce are planning “modular” Nuclear Plant “mass production”

just waiting for vested interests
to get their “act” together !

“Oklo's Amazing Small Reactor
That Can Reuse Nuclear Waste”
U-Tube 41min

00:00 Episode Intro
01:50 The Story of Oklo
10:47 The Aurora Powerhouse & new age nuclear
13:20 Should people fear nuclear power?
20:34 Reusing nuclear waste
25:43 Optimism for the future; why Oklo > exciting
30:17 New age of nuclear startups
34:05 Part 2: Jake responds to the NRC's decision

“Inside the New Micro Nuclear Reactor that Could Power the Future”
U-Tube 6min


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