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NE Special Application:
Continuous Infusion/Dual Syringe Pump

Model: DUAL-NE-1000
The Wonder of the Dual System
The Continuous Infusion/Dual Pump System is smart, simple and saves you tons of money.
With this system you have three pumps in one at a price that is less than any push/pull or emulsification syringe pump you can get from the competition.
The Dual System allows two pumps to talk to one another through a cable.
This allows the flexibility for the pumps to perform either continuous flow(push/pull), emulsification or independently at any time.
    Holds 2 syringes up to 60 cc
    Continuous infusion mode allows one pump to infuse as other withdraws
    Dual pump mode allows for simultaneous operation with one pump mirroring the second pump
    Infusion rates from 0.73 ÁL/hr ( 1 cc syringe) to 2100 ml/hr (60 cc syringe)
    Available in Higher Pressure (Dual NE-1010) and Double Syringe (Dual NE-4000) versions. (Any two of the same syringe pumps in the NE-1000 Family of Syringe Pumps can talk to each other and be a Dual System. Any system you want to create will cost the price of the two pumps individually plus $10 for the dual cable. Changing the pumps from one function to another is terribly simple.)
    Easy-to-use keypad interface
    Includes all the advanced functions and programming features of the NE-1000 family
    Disposable, Glass, Stainless Steel Syringes and Plumbing Supplies are sold separately.
    Dual Pump Plumbing Kit, the syringes and plumbing seen in the above picture, completes the continuous system. (Sold separately)

Features Exclusive to Dual Pump System:

  •     Utilizes specialized dual pump sync cable kit to synchronize both pumps, a command on one pump will update the other on the fly.
  •     Includes: 2 NE-1000 programmable single syringe pumps, sync cable kit, two manuals, and two power supplies
       Disconnect the cable kit and you still have two independent syringe pumps.
Dual NE-1000_web


    Built for automation
    Operates stand-alone or from a computer
    Infusion and withdrawal
    Set a single pumping rate and/or dispensing volume
    Program up to 41 pumping phases that change pumping rates, set dispensing volumes, insert pauses, control and respond to external signals, sound the buzzer
    Network, control, and monitor up to 100 pumps with one computer
    Worldwide power supplies available
    Motor stall detection
    Dispensing accuracy of +/-1%
    Unlimited lifetime technical support
    Two year warranty

Example of Flow Rates NE-1010 PDF

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