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Guard Columns > Retention Gaps from MEGAColumns


MEGA-GAP (GAP Integrated Retention)

The columns of the line MEGA-GAP offer a clever solution to use a Retention Gap while eliminating the problems of retention-Gap: often it is very inconvenient for the user having to connect a Retention Gap-entrance of the column and more the connection point is always a risky loss point. MEGA offers the possibility to avoid these problems with this line of columns, in which the Retention-Gap is incorporated in the column; Retention-Gap and column are inserted in a single capillary tube!
(See Figure)


. . . In this way you can use a Retention Gap
-   with the ease of use and installation of a regular column, without the complications associated with a connection-Retention Gap and avoiding risky and potential leak points that generate accurate and repeatable data.
 The injection side and the point where it ends the portion of the Retention-Gap and starts the stationary phase are suitably marked on the column, to make even more simple, intuitive and convenient in its use.
MEGA offers the MEGA-GAP columns, available with each stationary phase and size combinations at no extra cost, you will pay that these columns as a normal traditional column.
For example, a column by GAP MEGA-0.32mm (id) 30m (25m + 5m Ret. Gap integrated) cost as a traditional column, 30m 0.32mm (id) (registering on the site, you will have access to the full price list for our products and offerings.
 Registration is free and requires just a few simple steps, create an account!).
The use of Retention-Gap is linked to the cleaning of the column and the refocusing of the band of the injected sample.
When using samples "dirty" Gandi quantity injected into the column (especially in the first portion, in which the sample is often found in the liquid phase) may be contaminated.
The contamination of the column with the sequence of injections leads to a loss of performance of the column, with peaks and deformed lower the resolution.
 The Retention-Gap interposed between the injector and the column itself prevent the contamination of the column, extending the life of the column of very!
Furthermore, another result of the use of Retention-Gap is the fact that the sample injected will meet refocus when, after the stretch-free phase of precisely Retention-Gap, the stationary phase of the column; this translates into a band of starting closer, producing narrower peaks and thus improving the overall analysis.
With regard to the retention times and other effects of retention-Gap recommend reading this article ( pdf ) where it is shown that the retention-Gap has no practical effect on the retention times and other analytical parameters.

To request a quote or place an order please write to us via e-mail specifying:

    Stationary Phase
    Thickness of Stationary Phase
    Inside Diameter
    Length (specifying the desired total length and the length of the portion dedicated to the Retention Gap-incorporated)


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