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“Mals Cart - Help”

> Applies ONLY to SHOPPE Prices designated > “CURRENT”
Otherwise Prices are “Indicative” ONLY with a multiplier factor [Z]
on each Shoppe  page ! for your manual use !

Cart Pre-amble(s)

After years of Trial & Error with various Carts ! >
I am convinced their is NOTHING affordable on the market that has been truly thought out properlyfrom a Suppliers perspective !

The problems for a “small-time Distributor like us are

  • Our Suppliers List Prices are in USD ( International now for Most Countries” for Trading Purposes
    Of course as a Distributor we get a Discount Wholesaler Price
    This depends on the Product Catagory ( & sometimes Qty Dependant )
    WE deal with (currently about x8 Main Supplies and 10-20 others
  • Each can have a product list from (single item per Supplier up to 10’s of 1000s item
  • Currently our Database lists some  x30-50,000 potential items ( separate Cat.#s )

some Practical issues

The OEM Prices generally can change annually at their “whim”?, or introduce
new products or simple update specs & prices,
  (usually) Annually sometimes at random !typically 5-7% pa with inflation

We don’r attempt to keep accurate pricing BUT within reason attempt to sell
at OUR Shop Cart listed Prices OR Notify you of any drastic change
( outside of a +/-2% margin )

but The real “bastard Problem - no-one can easily cope with . . .

    • Exchange Rates : In our case USD > AUD can vary +/-5% in weeks Long term 0.46 to 1.15 like a bloody “yo-yo!” . . . orchestratrated indirectly(?) by Govts/ Banks

-   Australia in particular has been such a “basket case” politically / economically and otherwise over the years / decades

-   The daily exchange rate can vary drastically from day-to-day ( and we can cope with that sometimes ?)
But in “melt-down” situations it it Not unusual to get a spread of XR +/- 5%
over a few weeks

some Info Links>  Freight charges, re Our CT-Prices > XRs;
How to place an Order
and ALL according to OUR Trading Trading

Older Mals ) Cart (2014+) ministe-Chromtech pages ? > but still all good stuff !
UPDATED < Condensed SHOPPE-CT (2020+) & > Current Prices

I am sure it is manipulated by Banks ( THEY are TOO BIG to Fail ! )and miscellaneous “money grubbers”” exploiting All of Us !

“Extremes” have been from 0.47 to 1.15 over the 30+ years Chromalytic
has been in business
 . . . that is truly crazy stuff  ! . . . intolerable !

Of course banks get their extorted commission of 4-5% of each Currency ( IF U Can finfdone that’s actually OPEN ! )Transaction Buy/Sell plus a Bank Charge  ( for Internal of current $25) per INT’l transaction

 As a small business acting as enforced Tax Collectors for the Feds we are also obligated to add 10% GST to everything we sell in Australia plus pay GST & “Up-front” on imports NOW Legislated to be PAID OnTop by the INT’l OEM Suppluier to US !

This is supposed to simplify things compared to the historic SalesTax system of years ago

Customers wonder why they can’t buy in AUD the same “$” prices they see
 the Web (in “whatever Currency” > ?

“FOOLS” just don’t realise these (above) costs involved AND the fact that most Prices listed
on the Web can be “fake” or “unrealistic” sometimes “loss leaders”
 ( eg by Amazon, E-Bay etc ) are ALWAYS in USD and rarely is this prominently displayed 
> so BUYERs “BE-A-WARE” AND that Freight (Import) costs are an add-on cost and can be prohibitive by Courier. One takes a big risk using Postal Services
of ANY kind > Anywhere ! sea Freght > notorious for these
> often padded by “Warfies” overheads
but . . . BE-A-WARE !

Items we Export
Is applicable ( although on Export / Import into Other Countries then their local Tax/Customs Custom Charges also apply

IT IS NIGH ON IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANY SHOP Cart to cope let alone ACCOUNTING SYSTEMs Business > DatabaseUp-loading / refreshing Large Price LIsts
 DO Our customers ! emphasize NO! NOT Their problem !

Mals Cart is simple enough, powerful and probably one of the better ones
- but not without its’ > “foibles” !
Customers OFTEN Can’t even seem to tick the Sales Tax box in Australia

BUT nothing can cope with the overall complexity Wholesale buying . Import Accounts > let alone cumbersome TAXATION requirements

WE ALL WORK FOR THEM . . . Where are the “TOOLS” to Help US ?
They’re simply NOT INterested in enforcing regulations for Accounting Systems > Compliance with ANY Sensibility ! . . . a SHAME !

Then again WE ALL are faced with the real issue of competitors “pirating” our database Info In many cases we set ourselves up as a potential target small a we might be ... doing this we would tend to be Market Leaders that the likes of Bunnings even might undercut ! . . . except for the Xtra HighTech needed at least in OUR Industry !

2020 > MalsCart NOW Fully Functional but with Limitations !
> we will TRY HONOUR Prices as Listed in OUR On-LIneCart > but witin reason !

NO one

Initially use > compile a SHOPPING LIST  for your main PO or RFQ
to US by e-mail ! We > Reply as a CONFIRMING QUOTE And/Or send a MODIFIED INVOICE for ANY Xtra PP Payment required !

NO two

When satisfied  ! TRY PayPAL for the ON-lINE Purchase

The MAIN User problem seems to be “ERROR”
 filling in ALL the form FIELDS required
by Mal & PP ( see “HOW”  PDF )

Mals Cart Functionality  Upodate PDF 2023PDF23
with proposed > MAL re OUR proposed “mods” etc . . .
YES  !  . . . It IS Still Pretty Good ! . . . USE-IT ! 
but  > OUR Prices  R  INDICATIVE  Only ! ( but STILL Honoured by CT ]
>  else to U’r Shopping List ONLY !

based on “BUY Buttons” and single line-by-line links

It IS secure via PayPAL Online for CC payment BUT Then if Often Hopeless and can “combat” Australia Banks / Credit Cards enforced NEW 2020+ REGULATIONS they’re help is based in the phillipines (NOT Australia ) So Good Luck PP !

We recommend Our PINCH GATEWAY as a Guaranteed CC Patment Method ( as from ~202121

Customer Shipments cost can be sort of optimised

Discounts are possible YES auto-applied for CT- and SF- designated items !
see CT-AUD Prices

Sales Tax or Not ( Int’l ) Integrated  customer / Chromtech

but unfortunately NOT yet Linked into our  Accounts

Because of above simplifications adjustments often need to be made
 > ASK for a QUOTE !

On-Line Mals > a prelim PP INVOICE-1

You pay on that to initiate the Ordering process
On you Paying PP we also get a copy which we act on and process your Order

We advise of by a PP INV-2 of any adjustment required ( for whatever reason ! )

IF You Agree to proceed THEN U can attempt to pay via PayPA L
with “much”” LUCK ! ( All with the grace of Telstra > Optus ( 2023 )

No longer legal in some Countries to make any adjustments AFTER the initial Mals Cart > PayPAL Invoice is completed !

Payment and THEN Shipment completes the transaction !

The Couriers Cons Note / Tracking No is proof of shipment > All at Customers risk ! >

Or IF You DONT want to proceed then we refund any Money Paid ( less the PP Handling Fee 2 to 3% of INV Value ONLY on sufficient justification !

You can also use Mals manually as a RFQ form  from within !
You can follow thru’ using Mals System but THEN still have that option B4 doing attemting the actual PP authorisation & Payment !
OUR Preferrance > Recommendation

ASK for QUOTE Pay in Advance by CC using PINCH GATEWAY
( details on Our pro-forma INVOICE ( Order Confirmation ) > NO Problems for US over ~3 to 4years NOW

ALL cumbersome I know !

But until The WEB & The WORLD come up with a “better” system
. . . its the best We can do !

We’ve compromised but allowing you access to a few 100 of our more
popular items and still reasonable priced
> pre COVID19 & “Climate Change” >
“scare” > “Inspired” Inflation !

Also see other of our “proto Shops”

WIX ( www.chromtech-AUS/shop/ ALSO Mobile Phone friendly
ECWID www.chromtech.net.au/SHOP2CT.htm > mobile OK

and of course this Mals mini-Chromtech Site ( 2014 but since Updated
> 2021 & This SITE ) also ALT SHOPPE

A fully functional SHOP was available at www.chromalytic.net.au
> ALL 30K item prices - but Now taken off-line due to above factors

We are working on a “restricted” more limited SHOP ( approved customers Only )
 - due to the “above” & associated “security” issues

Efforts have been made to make our Sites More mobile friendly
PC > Tablet > Mobile phone compatible with some degree of interchangeable Info in one format or another

U Must have patience ! OUR SITE IS OBVIOUSLY
 . . . for most ! of YOU !

maybe . . . The KISS Principle should apply !
 I used to think that scientist wanted to get involved in “THE detail “
. . . > in recent times I am starting to wonder ? . . . the “hard” Way !

“ Life wasn’t meant to be Easy ! “
. . . unless you happen to be a “bureaucrat” > a “politician !


some MALS Cart somewhat related PIC Gallery >links
> also via the “courtesy” of ”Our”

CHROMTECH :  Specialists in Chromatography
Chromatography Fluid Transfer Products : & FOR !
All Your Laboratory Needs

- Importers & Distributors in AUSTRALIA



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