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Articles of general interest to Analytical Chemists / Separation Chemists
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Journal Highlight: Thermal desorption gas chromatography with mass spectrometry study of outgassing from polymethacrylimide foam (Rohacellᆴ)
Thermal desorption GC/MS was used to study the offgassed compounds from polymethacrylimide foams that are used as light structural materials in outer-space devices.

Forensic fire investigations ヨ a new way to detect foul play
Analysing the residues left after a fire can be important in identifying its cause, and in some cases to prosecute for arson. This study applied gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to identify acidified fuels – often found in ‘Molotov cocktails’ – in the remains of a fire.

Metabolism of methoxypiperamide, a new psychoactive substance
Recently, drugs that have similar effects to controlled psychoactive substances, such as cocaine and cannabis, have begun to emerge. These ‘new psychoactive substances’ mimic well known psychoactive drugs and are designed to evade drug laws. Widely available on the Internet, these substances pose serious risks to public health

Biodiesel typing: Free steroid profiles
The free steroids present in biodiesel produced from several plant sources including canola, cotton, palm, kernel and peanut were characterised by GC, allowing the compositions of commercial biodiesels to be determined.

Ionic liquids for the GC of biodiesel blends

 Isomerization of octadecapentaenoic acid (18:5n-3) in algal lipid samples under derivatization for GC and GC-MS analysis
Problems occurring with the analysis of octadecapentaenoic acid (18:5n-3) in algal lipids due to unexpected isomerisation during derivatisation are described and a preferred scheme is proposed

BTEX in air: GC systems compared
The abilities of three GC systems with three different detectors to measure levels of the BTEX compounds in air have been compared by French scientists.


Astronomical illumination: Detecting proteins at widely different concentrations in GE
Taking inspiration from astronomy, US biologists have developed a process for analyzing electrophoresis gels that is able to detect proteins differing in concentration by a factor of one million.


Journal Highlight: A versatile method for simultaneous stable carbon isotope analysis of DNA and RNA nucleotides by LC/IRMS
Dutch scientists have used liquid chromatography/isotope ratio mass spectrometry to analyze the carbon isotope ratio of DNA and RNA nucleotides in marine sediment and marine algae known as sea lettuces.

Gas Separations

Separating gases with MOF membranes



Sewage test for new psychoactive substances
Ethnic hair products skew drug tests
Dirty water in Bogota

some NEWS

New study shows GC-MS can alter samples during analysis

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