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DAI Products : A Combination of Quality, Variety, Customization and Service Second to None

Manufactured by long time innovators in the industry, it should come as no surprise that an independent analysis shows that Dynamic Adsorbents€™ alumina and silic gel products are head and shoulders above those offered by competitors when it comes to quality.
In addition, unique and specialized products targeted to specific applications, and abilityto customize products add to DAI€™s advantage and make Dynamic Adsorbents your best choice for ensuring you have the products and service that will best meet the needs of your company.

DAI produces a wide range of adsorbents used for separation technology and environmental cleanup, including: several variations of activated alumina, silica gel, DynaFLASH Drysphere TLC plates, analytical chromatography columns, nylon foil tubing, Polyamide, and Florisil PR.

DAI products can be used for the following applications, among others:

  • Removing water from noble gases
  • Removing heavy metals, lead and arsenic from water
  • Removal of PCBs from water and soil
  • Filtering air of bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Purifying nutraceuticals
  • Separating natural alkaloids to be used as foods and drugs
  • Proprietary technology for the isolation and purification of compounds useful as drugs from the lab bench to
    large scale industrial purification.

DAI Adsorbents €“ Quality Control Is the Key

DAI€™s adsorbents for chromatography are manufactured to exact physical-chemical specifications to
ensure reproducibility of the chromatographic process. Continuous quality control ensures the availability of
a standardized product that will provide reproducible results €¦ day to day, lab to lab, process to process,
and worldwide.
Dynamic€™s adsorbents originate from the same starting material.
Thus, the analyst can freely use small particles for HPLC, HPTLC, and larger particles for prep LC and Process utilizing similar separation conditions to achieve the desired results, and freely move from one technique to another. Read more about sorbents, desiccants, and adsorption.

DAI Products


DAI Wrote the Book on Alumina €“ Producing the Highest Quality of Alumina in the Industry

The DAI team wrote the book when it comes to activated alumina. Literally, not figuratively.
For over 40 years innovations by the DAI team have played a major role in the exponential growth of the use of alumina for chromatography and other separation technologies. Standardized Alumina has become synonymous with Dynamic Adsorbents.
 Never before has an adsorbent been more precisely standardized and introduced such a high degree of reproducibility when used in laboratory and plant operations.
This leadership lent its impulses to all other Dynamic Adsorbents€™ products such as silica gels and products for thin layer chromatography, liquid chromatography and the preparative link between TLC and column chromatography: dry column chromatography.

DAI€™s alumina for chromatography has contributed to the continued growing use of this material in a diverse number of applications. Indeed, the major reason for this growth has been our contribution to the standardization of the manufacturing process.
This has resulted in standardized grades of alumina that are very well controlled and defined.

Dynamic Adsorbents€™ aluminas are manufactured and quality assured providing world class laboratory and pilot process chromatographic materials.
We carefully control the manufacturing process from raw material to finished product including physical characteristics of pore size, surface area, particle size and surface chemistry to ensure reproducible optimized chromatographic behavior, making us unique in the industry.

Advantages of DAI alumina include:

  • The highest quality of alumina in the industry according to independent lab tests (Read More)
  • Unique forms of alumina that are superior to anything else in the industry
  • Control of the manufacturing process from raw material to finished product insuring the highest quality and standardization
  • Specialty aluminas targeted towards particular applications
  • Customization to unique or specific needs of companies
  • Purchasing options that include bulk purchasing or prepackaged cartridges (DynaFLASH)

Alumina is the superior adsorbents when it comes to most applications, and Dynamic€™s alumina increases that advantage. Read More

More About DAI Alumina  |  Shop Alumina Online

Silica Gel

Dynamic Adsorbents€™ silica gels are carefully manufactured and quality assured to provide the ideal laboratory and pilot process chromatographic material. As with alumina, independent tests have shown that DAI produces the highest quality silica gel on the market today.

In addition, we carefully control the manufacturing process from raw material to finished product including physical characteristics of pore size, surface area, particle size and surface chemistry to ensure reproducible optimized chromatographic behavior for uniform capacity, reproducible selectivity, improved resolution and excellent performance. 
When it comes to silica gel, we are the only vendor in the industry performing a detailed analysis on each lot of silica gel provided to the customer.

Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc. distributes high quality silica gels for column chromatography and/or TLC with the lowest everyday price to many research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and organic synthesis labs. DAI€™s bulk silica gels are used for low pressure and high pressure columns.
DAI€™s silicas have virtually no traces of metals contained within, and the particle distribution is kept extremely tight for reproducible results.
All silicas can come with MSDS sheets, as well as Certifcates of Analysis if requested.
Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc. silica gels are carefully manufactured and quality assured to provide the ideal laboratory and pilot process chromatographic material.

Reproducible performance is delivered regardless of the technique used, especially when transferring
from one technique to another. Silica gel is an ideal media for column chromatography for several different reasons.
Silica gel has a very strong affinity for water, which gives it an adsorption capacity of over 40% of its
own weight at 100% relative humidity.
It is compatible with most materials except strong alkalis and hydrofluoric acid.
Adsorbent particle size affects how the solvent flows through the column.
Smaller particles (higher mesh values) are used for flash chromatography, larger particles
(lower mesh values) are used for gravity chromatography.

Advantages of DAI silica over that of competitors€™ include:

  • The highest quality of silica in the industry according to independent lab tests (Read More)
  • Careful control of the entire manufacturing process insuring high quality and uniformity, reproducible performance and optimized results
  • Only vendor in the industry performing a detailed analysis on each lot of silica gel provided to the customer.
  • Customization to unique or specific needs of companies
  • Purchasing options that include bulk purchasing or prepackaged cartridges (DynaFLASH)
  • All silicas can come with MSDS sheets, as well as Certificates of Analysis if requested

More About DAI Silica  |  Shop Silica Gel Online


The only cartridges filled with the highest quality alumina and silica in the industry

Dynamic Adsorbents introduced the DynaFLASH family of prepackaged cartridge products in response
to the demanding needs of the chromatography community.
These products provide a cost effective solution and incorporate superior packing materials in a prepared packaged form.

The DynaFLASH family of prepackaged cartridge products is designed to achieve high resolution separations with injections of complex mixtures.
High purity fractions are collected due to the superior resolution of the prepackaged silica and alumina.
The cartridge is only as good as the contents, and DAI offers the best silica and alumina in the industry.

Using the best materials leads to a higher compound recovery, saving significant cost and time as fewer fractions require purity analysis.
DynaFLASH provides tight particle and pore size distribution and a low level of fines.
Each cartridge is a pre compressed, disposable flash column containing either superior premium grade spherical silica or spherical alumina.
Cartridge pre compression provides superior mass transfer.

Features of DAI DynaFLASH products include:

  • Independent laboratory analysis has demonstrated the superiority and low amount of fines of DAI Flash grade silica compared with major competitors, and determined DAI€™s silica and alumina have the least amount of metals compared with all other competitor€™s products.
  • Our silica, alumina and bonded phase materials are standardized in the manufacturing process, and thus we can offer to you lot to lot reproducibility.
  • We offer a comprehensive line of pore size and particle distribution for both silica and alumina materials.
  • DAI alumina and silica materials have virtually no traces of metals.
    Particle distribution is kept extremely tight providing you with reproducible results, both lot to lot and when you need to scale up.
  • All cartridges can come with MSDS sheets, as well as Certificates of Analysis if requested.
  • DynaFLASH Cartridges are compatible with the Isco, Jones, or Biotage Flash Systems
  • Choose from a wide variety of aluminas, silicas, both with a variety of pore sizes, and particle distribution ranges
  • Choose normal phase or bonded phases
  • Excellent packing and storage qualities
  • Leak free
  • High recoveries
  • Strict quality control
  • Clean, pre-packed, disposable polypropylene (or high density Polyethylene) cartridges

The DynaFLASH family of cartridges offers precisely what you have come to expect from all DAI products €“ the best silica, the best alumina and the best bonded phase packing material available for academic or industrial usage.

More About DynaFLASH  |  Shop DynaFLASH Online

Dyna-Energy Product Line

Activated alumina products designed by DAI are playing a pivotal role in reducing our carbon footprint by improving our use of carbon based fuels such as reducing hydrate formation in natural gas lines and valves and improving transformer performance thus assuring stability in the electrical grid.
High quality desiccant materials should be added to natural gas supply lines both at the point of origin as well as at the point of usage in order to reduce the risk of water corrosion. Transformers are designed for long life and must be kept water free to assure peak performance.
Drysphere offered by DAI provides the best solution for these energy needs.

Dyna-Energy Lithium provides a means to isolate and purify lithium from natural sources.
The availability of ultra-pure lithium is critical to the development of a transportation system based on electrical batteries.
This material is essential for use in lithium carbonate and lithium ion batteries of any size, including the multi-cell batteries designed for use in long range electric vehicles (EV).
Dyna-Energy Lithium is the superior adsorbent for material separation at high (>10 pH) and is designed to withstand both high pressure and high temperature environments.

Drysphere Activated Alumina Spheres

Dynamic Adsorbents Drysphere is the ONLY activated alumina on the market that can extract and adsorb 36% of its own weight in water, which is 3 times more than the standard alumina product offered by competitors. No other commercial media can remove as much water.
It is the superior desiccant agent in the marketplace for the drying of industrial liquids and gases.

Dynamic Adsorbents €śDrysphere€ť activated alumina and desiccant offers the best drying and regeneration properties on the market today.
 It is a new high technology unique to Dynamic Adsorbents providing dust free, spherical activated Alumina manufactured and designed to optimize desiccant performance.
 Drysphere is a custom designed activated alumina product line addressing the critical need for water removal from industrial liquids and gases.

Demonstrated industrial applications include the drying of liquids such as benzene, oils, transformer oils and xylene as well as elemental gases such as argon, helium, hydrogen and oxygen.
It has a special indication in the purification of compressed air and C02. Uniform alumina spheres are sized according to your specific industrial requirements.

Read More About Drysphere  |  Shop Drysphere Online

Dyna-Aqua Product Line

The Dyna-Aqua line of specialized alumina oxides represents an extraordinary breakthrough in the removal of toxic metals and other toxic materials from water.

The Dyna-Aqua line of specialized alumina provides a much simpler, reproducible and cost effective solution using specially modified alumina oxides which are able to bind toxic metals and other industrial chemicals and then lead to their easy disposal.
Compared to other existing technologies, there is no more efficient and cost effective solution for the isolation and removal of toxic compounds from our water supply.
Dyna-Aqua specialty alumina oxides are manufactured to rigorous standards and are customized for each toxic water borne compound.

Environmental cleanup has become a national priority.
New cost effective, low energy demanding and simple solutions are required to successfully address this important and pressing issue.
Wastewater purification is essential for not only environmental cleanup, but to reduce the risk of exposure to carcinogens causing excessive malignancy disease and death.
There is no such thing as o€nly one solution addressing all needs.€ť
Specialized materials are critical for the purification of toxic materials such as arsenic, copper, uranium, selenium, lead and synthesized materials such as polychlorinated biphenyls.

Multiple solutions have been offered to address this pressing environmental need.
However a much simpler, reproducible and cost effective solution lies in the design and manufacture of specially modified alumina oxides which are able to bind toxic metals and other industrial chemicals and
then lead to their easy disposal.
There is no more efficient and cost effective solution for the isolation and removal of toxic compounds from our water supply.

Dyna-Aqua specialty alumina oxides are manufactured to rigorous standards and are customized for each toxic water borne compound.

Read More About Dyna-Aqua  |  Shop Alumina Online

Dyna-Aqua Oil Sorb


Dyna-Aqua Oil Sorb (DA Oil Sorb) was developed for the removal of crude oil from the Gulf of Mexico or sea water by combining the two most powerful mechanisms for capturing the greatest amount of oil from surface water €
DAI Dyna-Aqua high adsorbent specialized alumina, and Hobbs Bonded Fibers€™ specialized cotton.
For the first time, alumina is being used to impregnate nonwoven fibers, providing a cost-effective and efficient method of removing oil from the ocean.

Dyna-Aqua Oil Sorb Product Info  |  Shop Alumina Online

Dyna-Aqua Uranium

Produced with DAI€™s unique, patented technology, Dyna-Aqua Uranium results in a material with superior performance and capacities €“ exhibiting high selectivity in the presence of competing ions with good kinetics over a broad operating range.
Designed and manufactured to address the pressing needs outlined by the Federal Statutes monitored by
the Office of Environmental Management, Department of Energy, Dyna-Aqua Uranium provides a more efficient means to remove effluent from groundwater and surface water at radioactive environmental waste sites.

Dyna-Aqua Uranium is a metal oxide composite with an effective size of greater than 600 microns, offered as either granular or spherical granules.
Because of its tailored design it exhibits high selectivity in the presence of competing ions with good kinetics over a broad operating range.
Dyna-Aqua Uranium can be easily retrofitted into conventional water treatment equipment or vessels.

Applications include a wide array of industrial, environmental, and commercial applications for removing inorganic contaminants in groundwater and surface waters.
DAI€™s Dyna-Aqua Uranium can be utilized or retrofitted easily into conventional water treatment equipment or vessels.
Regeneration options are available based on the application.

Read More About Dyna-Aqua Uranium  |  Uranium  |  Removal of Radioactive Effluent Waste from Uranium Enrichment Plants  |  Shop Alumina Online

Dyna-Aqua Copper

Dyna-Aqua Copper is a specially designed activated alumina oxide which is recommended for the isolation and removal of copper found in waste water in either a suspension or solution form.

Copper is produced as a byproduct of many industrial processes. Dyna-Aqua Copper is designed especially for the recovery of copper from spent solutions produced in printed circuit (wiring) board manufacture and electroplating.

It is currently thought that one difficulty in the commercial removal of copper from solution is that the metal forms into complexes such as with benzotriazoles or other triazoles.
Activated alumina oxides are able to address this issue and remove the complex by the process of adsorption with high efficiency.
Adsorption is defined as the interphase transfer of material from a homogeneous or heterogeneous fluid matrix onto a solid surface.

Unlike organic pollutants, the major of which are susceptible to biological degradation, copper is not biodegradable into a nontoxic end product. It must be reduced to acceptable levels prior to being discharged into the environment in order for manufacturers to be in compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act
with the federal regulatory limit for discharged copper in suspension or solution being 1.3 mg/Liter.

Furthermore competitive commercially available technologies such as ion exchange, chemical precipitation, ultafiltration and electrochemical deposition are costly €“ chelating and ion exchange resins are expensive.

The ideal solution to clean up of industrial wastewater would be to find an adsorbent which could avoid the need for co-precipitation and pH adjustment.
The sorption of copper is highly pH dependent with an increase in the amount of adsorption with increasing pH.

The amphoteric property of specialty activated alumina is able to do away without the need for the coprecipitant, and the compound is able to enhance copper removal as the pH of the solution increases.

Read More About Dyna-Aqua Copper  |  Copper  |  Shop Alumina Online

Dyna-Aqua Lead

Dyna-Aqua Lead is a custom designed large particle activated alumina based metal oxide for the removal of lead from industrial wastewater with an effective size of greater than 200 microns.
It is specifically designed, modified and chemically treated in order to enhance the removal of dissolved lead from a water stream.
It is ideal for point of use applications and more cost efficient and less energy intensive than reverse osmosis, the only other commercially available point of use technology.
Dyna-Aqua Lead offers a cost efficient, simple and reliable solution for municipal, industrial and home use needs.

Dyna-AquaLead provides benefits superior to either chemical precipitation or ion exchange, commercial techniques which are costly due to the high cost of required chemicals.

Lead transported through the water system comes from:

  • Lead piping
  • Lead solder
  • Stabilizers used in the extrusion of PVC piping
  • Brass fittings which are composed of copper, zinc and lead corroding when chloramines are used to disinfect water, leading to the production of ammonia

Lead levels are monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency and cumulative exposure can lead to irreversible damage to the gastrointestinal, hematologic and nervous systems and may cause death.

Water characteristics promoting the corrosion of water include low pH, low total dissolved solids, high water temperature and high concentrations of dissolved gases such as oxygen or carbon dioxide.

Adsorption results show pH dependency with a Freundlich isotherm fit. Activated alumina possesses
both Lewis and Bronsted acidic and basic sites.
While being amphoteric alumina works best for lead removal when the pH of the aqueous stream is in the
pH range of 5.5 to 6.0.

Read More About Dyna-Aqua Lead  |  Lead Removal from Water by the Use of Activated Alumina  |  Shop Alumina Online

Dyna-Aqua Fluoride

This wide pore specialized activated alumina is designed to address municipal and industrial waste water needs.
High concentrations of natural fluorides are of significance in some regions of the United States including New Mexico, West Texas, Colorado, Indiana and Illinois.
Additionally fluorides are a waste product in association with glass manufacturing, electroplating, and the production of steel and aluminum, pesticides, fertilizer and semiconductor manufacturing.
The maximum contaminant level for fluoride established by the Environmental Protection Agency is established at 4 parts per million, with a secondary standard set at 2 parts per million. Removal of fluoride from municipal and industrial waste water may be obtained by precipitation, as well as membrane and adsorption processes.
The best way, bar none, to reduce the concentration of fluoride to 1 part per million or less is through adsorption onto specially designed wide pore size activated alumina.

Read More About Dyna-Aqua Fluoride  |  Fluoride  |  A Re-Examination of the Role of Fluoride in Municipal Water Supplies

DynaPharma Product Line

The enforcement role of the Food and Drug Administration will strengthen during the years of the Obama administration, assuring the public of a safer food and drug supply.
Excitement is generating in the world of science that after the legacy of the Bush years the pharmaceutical and life science industries may once again be looked upon as economic growth engines spurring the creation of thousands of well paying jobs.

Tougher regulatory controls will place heightened demands upon the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries to carefully quality control raw materials, manufacturing processes and finished goods.
High quality DAI alumina and silica are currently incorporated into current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) for the production of ethical pharmaceutical compounds originating as natural plant alkaloids
 and being used in the treatment of malignancies.

A new product line has been developed specifically to address the needs of the ethical pharmaceutical
and nutraceutical industries.
For those drugs which are manufactured using bacterium as €ścellular factories€ť a significant problem has been the removal of endotoxins.
 These are lipopolysaccharides located on the outer lay of the cell membranes of gram negative bacteria
and they make up the majority of the pyrogens which must be removed from pharmaceutical products, biologicals for injection and media used for cell culture.
Small amounts of endotoxin when injected into patients may cause systemic inflammatory reactions running the spectrum from tissue injury to endotoxin shock to death.
Gram negative bacteria are able to release small amounts of other materials capable of causing endotoxin reactions such as exotoxins, peptidoglycans and muramyl peptides.
Specially designed alumina with surface modified chemical moieties has proven to provide a superior tool
for the purification of endotoxins due to its amphoteric property.

Read More About DynaPharma  |  Shop Alumina Online

DynaPharma Pyrogen

Formerly named Alumina P, DynaPharma Pyrogen is a specially designed superior alumina for the
removal of endotoxins and pyrogens from bacterial cell culture systems.

The isolation of therapeutic molecules from bacterial cell growth is hampered by the need to remove endotoxins and pyrogens.
Many different commercial techniques are in place in an attempt to remove these endotoxins, which are lipopolysaccharide components of bacterial cell walls.

DynaPharma, using either column chromatography or batch processing methods has, proven to be
a superior tool for the isolation and removal of pyrogens.
The surface of activated alumina may be chemically modified to help enhance pyrogen removal.
Furthermore, the amphoteric property of activated alumina offers unique purification advantages allowing Alumina P to be used either as a single step or as part of a two step purification process for the isolation
and removal of endotoxins.

Read More About DynaPharma  |  DynaPharma Pyrogen  |  Chemical Pyrogen Removal
Through the use of Activated Alumina
  |  Shop Alumina Online

TLC Plates

Dynamic Adsorbents€™ technology and experience has resulted in one of the broadest TLC-HPTLC-€ťS€ť HPTLC programs in the world. Included in the program are silica gels, aluminas, cellulose and PEI cellulose. The layers can also be normal or reverse phase as well. In addition, we supply these materials in a broad variety of layers and plate types including glass backed, aluminum backed and plastic backed.
Thin layer chromatography (TLC) is among the most useful tools for following the progress of organic chemical reactions and for assaying the purity of organic compounds.
TLC is a simple, quick, and inexpensive procedure that gives the chemist a quick answer as to how many components are in a mixture.
In this regard, TLC is truly a quick, inexpensive microscale technique that can be used to:

  • determine the number of components in a mixture
  • verify a substance€™s identity
  • monitor the progress of a reaction
  • determine appropriate conditions for column chromatography
  • analyze the fractions obtained from column chromatography

More About TLC Plates  |  Shop TLC Plates Online

Nylon Foil Tubing

This tube is used to hold silica gel during the dry column chromatography process and is sold folded and
in rolls.
It is easy to remove possible creases by blowing a hot air stream through the tubing. Shaking the tubing
in acetone prior to the hot air treatment facilities €śironing€ť of the nylon tubing.

Shop Nylon Tubing Online


Polyamide is based on Nylon 6.
Due to its activation process it exhibits a constant selectivity toward flavones, chalkones, anthraquinones, aromatic nitro compounds, DNP amino acids, phenols, carbonic acids, acid amides, sulphonic acids
and amides of sulphonic acids as well as towards amines and quinones. Forces which contribute to the separation involve hydrogen bonding between the nitro groups, the phenolic protons, the carboxyl groups etc. of the sample and the free amino groups of the adsorbent.

Shop Polyamide Online

Florisil PR

Florisil PR is a new selective adsorbent, specially processed to give consistent results when used for column cleanup and separation of chlorinated pesticide residue prior to identification and measurement of the pesticide by gas, thin layer or paper chromatography.
This material is packed in Alumina Bottles to ensure purity during storage, shipment, use.

Shop Florisil PR Online

Dynamic Adsorbents



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