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CHROMTECH :  Specialists in Chromatography
- Fluid Transfer Products : & FOR All Your Laboratory Needs !
- Importers & Distributors in AUSTRALIA

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re Important Site UPGRADES

Restek Literature generally is updated regularly > OLDER material is archived -a Customer TECHNICAL Resource
see 2011-22015-6 Catalogs some items R discontinued!: Printed Catalogs R NO LONGER AVAILABLE from Restek !
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PDF2 Directory for “some” of these older files


is NOW an Independant Company
previously  was

Restek Performance Coatings Division
for Industrial and
 Custom “Silco” Coatings

SilcoTek Catalog 72p “Catalog” FLIP-Page FLIP-2 Original <2012

Update 2015-16 FLIP-HTML5 2015-15 NEW

Restek / SilcoTek ???

Restek continue to supply Catalog Items
- labelled previously Silcosteel ( lower cost mid-range inertness and Sulfinert for Ultimate inertness eg for S-Compounds
Deactivated SS Tubing - Siltek replaces Silcosteel and Sulfinert in name
( both still available )
Deactivated #304 and #316
Siltek Inlet Liners and Glass Vials
Siltek deactivated Guard Columns and Transfer Lines
Air Monitoring Products, Silcocans
Siltek Parker and Swagelok Fittings ( as per Restek catalog ONLY )

SilcoTek ( an independant Company ) supply Custom “Silcosteel” Products

  • requires Customer or Chromtech supplied parts source independantly  from Australia or elswhere NOT by SilcoTek

Silcosteel and Sulfinert Tubing ( some other products ) are still available from Chromtech stock
at discounted prices ( 20% off List Prices ) until stock is depleted
SIlcosteel prices are ~20% less than Sulfinert ( same List price as newly named Siltek

These are being replaced by Restek by a single treatment Siltek and being
gradually phased in.

Chromalytic Tech . . . 18 years business with Restek . . . continue supply products from
both Restek and SilcoTek
 . . . in Australia

GC Inlet Liners
- Siltek Recoated
ANY Brand including Restek
in Bulk by return to USA

“Silco” products have evolved over many years. Product lines have been rationalised
Surface chemistry has improved - mainly as a result of thicker coatings and proprietary added deactivation where appropriate
- application specific Silco products for optimum performance

Silco - High temperature Vapor Deposition process of depositing fused silicon to SS

In Australia Order thru’
Chromalytic Technology

a “silco” partner over 20 years


SilcoTek products initially focused on chromatography inertness Then Air monitoring applications
NOW . . . also aimed at a diverse and expanding range of Industrial applications
specifically . . . Anti-corrosion, Anti-coking, Ultra High Vac

The “Silco” process is mainly applicable to Stainless Steel, Carbon steel, some Nickel alloys are OK . . .”silco” reacts at > 400degC
Lower melting copper, brass, aluminium, gold, silver, magnesium(alloys) are completely impractical
 . . . plastics are impossible
Silver soldered parts can NOT be treated
(TIG) Welding and subsequent silver-soldering of Silco products is OK
All items for Custom Coating must be High Temp (400degC) and High Vac clean
No grease, rubber, Teflon
All parts must be dis-assembled by customer prior to Custom-coating

Borosilicate glass . . . PERFECT for silco deactivation & better than conventional  “silane” treatment

DISCLAIMER - Any customer used items for Custom Coating must be declared by Customer to be contaminant free AND not used for toxic or Mercury sampling applications

SS Ferrules can NOT / Will Not be coated - otherwise mating to ANY “Silco-treated”  fittings will cause leakage problems
BUT! . . . Silco to SS mating . . .  is perfectly OK !

Silcotek : for Custom Coating; Prices - ALL Types - same Pricing - based on a size matrix;
1x1x1”, 2x1x1”, 2x2x1” . . . etc up to 100x100x100cm
Restek : Tubing : any size; 1/6, 1/8, 1/4”OD various IDs  .  .  . up to 2000 foot coiled in #304, #316  . . . ex-stock from Restek
Straight Tubing - MAX of 1.9metre ( size of Restek /SilcoTek vacumm oven AND Courier Freight Limitation) )
Standard Swagelok and Parker Fittings, Tubing,GC Liners, Siilcocans & accessories
 . . . ex-stock from Restek ! via Chromtech

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