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Chromalytic Technology Pty Ltd
Trading Terms -
General Trading Terms
  : About Chromalytic : How to Buy :
Approx Freight Costs :  DISCLAIMERS ( Updates)
NEW How To Place an ORDER . . . >
BUT B 4 U Start ?
UPDATED 2007 >> NOW and Still 2018>19+ !

- AUSTRALIA STILL in political & Economic Crisis !

  • Small Orders <$1000  >informal< CC via PayPAL ( or Bank Transfer ( 3-4 days delay > & details on request ) Contact Tel No and Street Delivery Address required
    Payment before delivery/order processing !
  • Large Orders > $1000.00
  • All Prices are ex GST ( add 10% in Australia )
Due to the ongoing / never-ending World
“Economic Situation”
.  .  . and Until Further Notice >
Or ‘til > when the last person to leave Australia
“ please turn the light out” !

OUR trading Terms APPLY ! & NOT necessarily YOURs

NEW Customers MUST Register here (PDF) FIRST !
ALL prices quoted ( and Invoiced ) by Chromalytic are subject to ANY Currency Exchange Rate Variation
RECALCULATION (at our sole discretion) at Date of Payment
( delivery date ) ie our prices are
. . .  now “floated to the US Dollar”
  • PAYMENT IN ADVANCE : Goods will NOT be delivered until PAYMENT is CONFIRMED - unless to established regular “bona fide” customers 14DAYS TERMS ONLY
  • Customer AGREEMENT to Our Terms is implied - this must be in writing and MUST be SIGNED by Your COs’ Purchasing Officer before we accept your Order or before we will process your Order and its’ placement with our Suppliers.
    Otherwise we may refuse to process Orders from YOU !
  • You MUST Check our ORDER CONFIRMATION ( SO-xxxxx ) for accuracy : Cat.#, Item Description, Qty and address information plus Contact Tel No and advise
    ASAP of ANY amendments necessary AND before we process your Order
     . . . by return e-mail or fax. Telephone orders and ANY corrections required
    . . . All are ENTIRELY AT YOUR RISK!

    Please sign and return the form below ( PDF )  - non-compliance implies
    you accept these terms
     and Chromalytic bears NO Responsibility for errors arising due to Your negligence /oversight
    or ignorance of YOU the end-user or the customer
    NOR due to incompetance of ANY Courier
    . . . generally including damage in-transit or loss of Goods due to Any vague or non-definitive shipping address !
  • ONLY ANY errors “over and beyond that” are at Chromalytics’ cost to rectify

    These T&C’s replace or over-rides ANY ad-lib, pro forma “Customer Terms” stated, implied or assumed
    . . . on ANY Customer  Purchase Orders.
    *   We do not accept orders with Terms like

    “ . . . Payment at 30 days after  the end of the month following the end of month the Order was dated . . . or that YOU first thought of !

    Net 14 days means exactly that - after our Invoice date ( shipment date ) implied by  Many  large Co’s and “Government Ordering Systems”
    Ownership of Goods passes completely to Cutomer as of shipping date
    - irrespective of any Warranty, agreed Installation “issues”
  • MINIIMUM Order Qty / Value $25.00 net
  • SHIPMENT via our Courier  ONLY - under Their web-listed Normal terms & working  conditions
  • POST will NOT be used under any circumstances . . . because of their “slack” policies
  • Pick up personally at No extra/ Courier Cost
  • - by Your Courier . . .   a $10.00 handling fee applies - ALL at YOUR responsibility for labelling Cons Notes etc BEFORE Shipment AND when we advise You that YOUR Order
    is ready for shipment !
International Shipments
  • by DEFAULT are in USD ( unless otherwise  approved by
     an Australian BANK TRANSFER fee ( USD20.00 . . . is added  to YOUR Invoice )
  • ALL Your  Country Internal fees add-on freight local Bank Fees are  to be Paid
    by You the customer 1

“FOB + Freight prePAID & billed  NOT INSURED
 Once in the Hands of our Melbourne Export Courier - ALL responsibiity for Claims etc is YOUR responsibility

  1. Shipment only to Authorised Companies and NOT addessed to individual end-users
     but thru’  INWARDS Co Stores with authorised signature receipt to Courier Driver”
  2. We reserve the right NOT to Accept YOUR Order or to ship unless ALL Documentation is detailed properly
    . . . & ALL at our discretion !

Payment Choices

  • Credit Card - In Advance . . .  We send you a Quote/  proforma Order / CC Authorization Form for details including Street Delivery Address
    and Contact phone Number
    We ONLY accept CC via PayPAL - on your advice we auto-send you via e-mail
     the PayPAL Invoice
    NO Phone orders are accepted . . . unless we can prove to our satisfaction you are “fair dinkum” and e-mail used to confirm Your Order
    YOUR Street address, Tel No and signature On delivery for Courier 
    . . . OR to YOUR Instructions . . . “leave in a safe place”
    to our fax( 03 9761 1169 / e-mail back to Chromalytic Technology
    Shipment responsibility is assumed by Customer once Goods
    are in the hands of our Courier.
    NO CLAIMS for loss or damage in transit Are accepted by Us !
  • To “approved” Customers ONLY > by EFT / Bank Transfer - we send you our Bank Details
  • Cash, Bank Cheques, Money Orders are accepted  ( . . . but NOT personal / or business cheques ) . . or any IOU’s
    Orders will be processed and then shipped Only once payment is cleared by our Bank
    > time delay at the discretion of the BANKS and can be up to 4 days delay in their processing !
    International Orders : Payment incurs an add-on Bank Fee
    of AUD20 25 per Order
    . . . an impost “imposed’ by the BANKS

Credit  ???  . . . By default. . .  NO CREDIT . . . unless by written agreement !

PREFERRED” CUSTOMERS ONLY - 14 Day terms from Date of Invoice AND Prices to be recalculated at the prevailing Exchange Rate
. . . where applicable !

Chromalytic Technology  Reserves the right . . .

at due Payment Date . . . Any necessary adjustments due to circumstances out of our control ( eg Currency Exchange Rates/ Freight Rate variation etc) will be added to your Account or billed to you
For Calculation purposes Invoice Prices are calculated Using the XR at the Date of Invoice then Recalculated at the Date of Payment using the XR at that date

This will be applied entirely at our discretion

YOUR Payment  . . . Invoice Total = Invoice Total x XR(Old)/XR(New)
 based on AUD/USD XR
( as of Oct 24,08 = 0.623 Close of trade( . . .  / ie date of speculation ))
. . . 14July15 =).74
for you “academics” please reference Oct 20,09 XR=0.92 ( 08Aug14 =0.72
for typical real past data as reference to possibilities
see the ”farce” real XR over the years
. .

Don’t forget the BANK Buy/Sell rates which equates to about
a 4-5% “surcharge”
on our pricing . . . which WE must also allow for in Our pricing
GST 10% + Bank “Fees” + Import Freight ~11-30%% . . . for doing
 “buggar all ! . . . depending on Shipment Kg and/or size
. . . and we try and be reasonable with a net operating margin 25%
 . . .  THEN out of which we pay Salary PAYE Tax and CompanyTax ~30%
 on ANY ” left over ” profit & All crazy stuff !
ALL BANKS CC “organisations”  AND Governments tend to SPECULATE
 Long(er) term on XRs charge
ALL International Banks impose a Bank Fee on Transfer of USD20
BANKS DO sit on the Money both ways . . at their discretion . . . up to 4-5 days
. . . this is despite the huge advance in Computer speed etc . . .in reality deemed just another “ money-grubbing “ exercise by Banks

Compare Prices ?

Don’t forget Int’l > likes of E-Bay / Amazon Prices
are in USD then Plus Freight plus Import Charges AND AUS GST . . .
so Buyer B’ware !

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