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CHROMTECH :  Specialists in Chromatography
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Restek Literature generally is updated regularly > OLDER material is archived -a Customer TECHNICAL Resource
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Laboratory TOOLS

- GC Accessories - Tools PDF acrobat-but

Tools/Tubing, Fittings, Pliers, Spanners/Wrenchs, Hex Key, Tub Cutters/Benders,SSI-120 Tube Cutting Machine, Reaming Tool, Swaging Tool, ResTape/Teflon Thread Tape, ,Screwdriver Set(s), Strap Wrench, Flexible Inspection Light, Gap Inspection Gauge

- Tubing & Fitting Tools PDF acrobat-but

Bubble Meter, Methane Cylinder Kit, Capillary Reservoir Kit, FID Flow Measuring Kit, 
FID Maintenance Kits, MLE Capillary Tool Kits,
Silica Scoring Wafers, Sapphire Scribe, Shortix Cutter, Tubing Scorer for MXT,
Ferrule & Liner Tools, Inlet Liner Packing Tool, Mini Wool Puller/Inserter,
Hex Key Sets, High Temp String, Tweezers, SS /Nylon Brushes, Needle Files

- HPLC Tools PDF acrobat-but

PEEK/SS Survival Kits,
PEEK Fitting Extractor, ConnectorsPiston Seal Insert Tool, Tube Dressing Tool Tube Polymeric Tube Cutter, ValvTool Wrench

VICI Valco Tools PDF acrobat-but

Custom Socket Wrench 1/4-28 slotted; Hex Key Set; Open-end Wrench, Pencil magnet; Pin Vise & Drill Set, Template for VIC Valves, Valve Spanner Handle
Flanging Tools :
Easy Flange Kit - cold rolling Tool
Transformer Heated Flanging Tool

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