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Flow Pressure Regulators
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Flow Pressure Regulators


MicroValves for LC and GC
Needle Valve with On/Off - Combo

Gas Flow Controllers
Combo Pressure Regulators with On/Off

Gas Cylinder Regulators

see GASCON range
 - to Australian Standards


  • Micro Valves for LC and GC
  • 0   psi, .060" bore
  •    Compact 1" design
  •    Convenient panel mount
  •    Variety of configurations
  • Simplify your liquid or gas handling application with a VICI Precision Sampling Micro valve. The unique design of the fitting detail allows a leak-free seal with no potential for rotor damage from overtightening.

Internal parts are PEEK and PTFE.

1/4-28 fittings
are not included



Needle Valve On/Off Combo
A new generation needle and shut-off valve provides screwdriver-adjustable control and positive shut-off without damage to the needle. It is ideal for providing hydrogen and air to an FID, since the flow setting is not changed by turning the valve on and off. It can also be used to supply make-up or combustion gas in a wide variety of applications.

The valve body materials are anodized aluminum or stainless steel, with Viton O-ring seals. Maximum temperature is 100C, and maximum inlet pressure is 100 psig. All are supplied with Valco 1/16" ZDV fittings.

The standard knob is silver-colored and .62" long. Colored knobs for gas identification are available separately, in two lengths


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