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Some OEM Products ( File-prefix > “ X “ s > “ 404 Error  
have been “ Archived “
Manual PDFs are still available !   for reference ONLY > 
but ASK ! as we may offer ALTs /

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2019 Our SITE Structure  & a dramatic Update

Designed in NOF15 for a 1300pc PC Screen and base text font 10pt Arial
( U can manually adjust the % screen size in WIN if you are a “short-sighted” “Mr Magoo” )
4 Other devices >
This site accessed  from GOOGLE etc on a Tablet or PC cab be manually reverted to a 600px
( > 400px format for a Tablet and then to a 400px mobile compatible format
. . . as determined by your device !
Although the page design doesn’t automatically readjust for different screen sizes beyond that !
BUT U Still have “pinch & Zoom” / screen rotate capability !
> a reasonable compromise with the real detail in
FlipHTML5 pages

This will be required anyway under ANY Circumstances for the embedded PDFs and better FlipPAGE formats > FlipHTML5 is the latest “fantastic” format for anything of ANY detail based on original OEM PDFs

WE consider THIS to be a far better compromise than any other scheme devised by GOOGLE for example
( to simplify their Site Ranking algorithm > for their sake ! )

Yes we’ll even concede our potential Site Ranking because of this “stupidity
( our opinion > but with ALL due respect ! )

B4U Start : Before Your Start
: Browsing our CHROMTECH Site
. . . have patience ! . . .with US ! . . . and the Aussie “NBN” 2019
. . . and it’s STILL coming ! 2018 Hooray it’s here June2019
even tho’ “Gawd” forbid it Now belongs to the Feds(Govt)
 . . . and probably years too late . . . for us !
we’ve been forced to “Web-serve from the Clouds”
. . . another “can of worms” maybe !?
In the mean-time
 . . . if nothing else > . . . treat us
/ Our Website as a “work in progress”
. . . And as an Information Resource on Chromatography
& for Analytical Chemists !
> SEARCH . . . Do-IT !

As designed . . . AND literally from the year “dot”
of the Internet

“Our WEB” Now actually comprises 3-5 different Sites
and within ( as sub-director)
and It’s still “evolving” . . .  > 1000s of pages in various formats covering
some 30-60,000 items from >20+ Suppliers

a bit ambitious . . . wishful thinking . . . in hindsight just maybe
. . .  > it’s Not a Perfect World !


 Now “morphed” into NEW(er) (more International ?> and perhaps minimising the stigma of being in AUSTRALIA)
and NOW FlipPAGE based format . . .

. . . but yes we have progressed into FlipPAGE technology both have evolved into “mobile friendlier” & scalable ( via “zoom” vs dreaded original “HTM” format where unfortunately most of our product details have initiated / resided . . . > at least GOOGLE in theory can “spider” these and maybe eventually grant us a reasonable “ranking”.
but whether SEO in general Google ultimately are competent enough to adapt to this ? it seems is still questionable ?
te SiteMaps.XML, robots.txt redirections AND THEY are NOT Telling
 OR just make everything so damn difficult !

2 (a)     “Detailed” Website . . . htm pages leading to >>> 1-2000 individual PDFs, and > 100’s of FlipPAGEs  / Supplier Catalogs / Bundles (of PDFs)
 . . . many up to 800 individual PDF Pages of > Product Sections, APPLICATIONS, Newsletters etc

  • a prolific array of technical info re chromatography, GC,HPLC and Fluid transfer systems
  • modern FlipPAGE format 100’s of “bundled” PDF pages, fully [SEARCHABLE} and indirectly linked to our “System Pricing” . . .
     (at least for our main Suppliers )
  • . . . now updated to > ~100 NEW FlipHTML5 format - in many respects IMPROVED, Faster ( for us to manage )
     . . . albeit with some limitations

    ( <450PDF page limit Internal SEARCH can be initially SLOW! AND unfortunately built-in [SEARCH} Results are NOT (yet!) Highlighted ) an oversight of the s’ware OEMs . . .
    > ( Now corrected June 2017 SEARCH HiLites now work on updated FlipPages . .  . > still underway on some)
  • Several prior formats of “flip” style ( PdfFLIP; Flip, Flippingbook etc)PAGE ) are Also included / maintained for historical Archive references
    Still based on original
    OEM PDFs but infinitely better in both “speed and graphics presentation”

    ALL these provide you THE potential Customer with an INVALUABLE Technical Resource ! but not for the “faint heart”
    or average “twitter mentality”

  (b)     FLIP-Site Cart
via FlipPAGEs > MALs Cart formatted with mobile devices in mind.

3        2015 SHOP CART Site
 : embeds our “Detailed” CHROMTECH website” in an I-Frame
( unfortuneatly HTML5 has big issues with “Frames” it seems ! )

. . . yes it’s an attempt designed to thwart parasites “scammers”
( our competitors ?) out there / deliberately “capturing” our SITE
 and blanket siphoning off our technical information ).
NOTE :All this is  largely covered by Copyright, Trademarks etc
. . . so ALL you such guys be aware !
THIS does have the adverse effect unfortunately . . .  >degrades SEARCH ENGINE Rankings which tend to be a “fraud” anyway
. . . at best full of loopholes and scammers and ALL those SEOs a la GOOGLE etc trying to squeeze unsolicited “business” out of website designers . . . a ploy by GOOGLE “AND Associates”
So! . . . All You’ll just have to do it the hard way . . . bit by bit
 . . . “byte by byte” . . . good luck !

4        2016+ “proto” Chromalytic Website  Site Under Construction( still) expands on these previous “efforts” further . . . >>> Both > Full SHOP CART and access to main CHROMTECH “System” > Prices

5      mini CHROMTECH Website a compromise site . . . simplified down to 700x900px for mobile phones perhaps , I-Pads with a decent screen far more viable IF you can put up with APPLE “dog” of an Operating System
> MAL’s CART a “proto” SHOP . . . Quick Shopping List
 ( Advances in HTML5 have at last made things more compatible specifically designed for easier/simpler access via mobile phone, Androids, I-Pads and even Apple-MACs (?)
 & with a decent page size Phones ?
                         > but what a “pain in the arse “ to get ANY details

WARNING . . . unfortunately our “Tech Info” on our various Sites is
NOT without some Duplication
- as IT is derived from some  >~2000 PDF collections (10 to 800each)
and “indexed” from >400 HTM pages
BUT PDF collections of >25 pages tend to be very slow on an average PC / Internet Connection
- hopelessly inefficient OR indeed NOT really practical for web browsing
(NOT OUR Problem as ALL our whole website(s) are now published onto a
 “dedicated Cloud Server !)
  . . . by-passing Turnbull’s problematic BBN . . . as much as possible ! 
that issue is YOURS with Telstra, ISPs and exTurnbull hopefully
> pass the buck to the FEDs even more incompentancy . . . arguably ?

PDFs are “chronically still NOT PAGE SERVED” and the whole PDF
 must download to your PC BEFORE
you can Even view it!) at best 50Mb files still take time
and nigh on USELESS for large MultiPage PDF collections / Catalogs etc
FlipPAGE ARE “Page-Served” and FAST after an initial “kick-start if not cached”
 of ~15-20secs any size
= to even >100Mb of PDFs bundled x 800 PDF  pages) . . . amazing stuff !

MANY local Network Administrators DO suffer internal “bandwidth “issues”
AND other “hang-ups”
and can deliberately choke “their system” to students . . . for example 
“and on a need to know basis” . . . nothing we can do about that !
 . . . but YOU can of course complain  bitterly about
lack of “freedom of speech” ( FOI ) if you like ! . . . so good
luck !


DON’t Confuse us with
a non-affiliated USA website and many other “copycat” URLs originating from Taiwan, China UK Germany etc under various “guises”

also . . . non related . . .

We’ve registered  . . .; this Site;;
for over 13-18 Years
and in recent times
for a more distinctive “Australian flavor”and to offset perhaps the perceived current stigma of “”

GOOGLE many of our PDFs
???  . . . but our HTM pages ?
YES we are indexed  “internally” extensively by GOOGLE viagoolethisweb
NOW Uses Boolean
Text Search
but more generally This Web Ranking System literally “sucks’
. . .
inefficient and “scammed” by larger Companies PAID for #1 Rankings etc . . . “megabucks” to “squeeze” out smaller similar Companies. .

In the “Google URL” add . . .   “product1”+“product2”+chromtech
eg graphite ferrules + chromalytic
but IT is “flakey” eg  NOT and
-(minus) just do NOT work !

our “GOOGLE” pages
other “browsers” eg Mozilla NOT Boolean & does NOT work !

about PDFs . . . & its limitations !
but still it’s the base of “FlipPAGES”
. . . but its Good that 3rd party re-designers have overcome
some of Adobes issues”
Nowadays FlipHTML5 is the way to go !

re PDF acrobat . . . . In recent years PDFs’ have slowly evolved from a complete “dog” in its early days to a more usable scalable web format from its’ original page Editor tech design  concept

IT has gradually with time generally overcome acceptance problems by Microsoft etc, ( APPLE still hates It!) now at last even by MANY web browsers, and even reluctantly it seems Network ADMINISTRATORs Now regard it as THE STANDARD AND to be reliable and scam / virus resilient . . . albeit bogged down by lack of “internal” bandwidth issues
 . . .  a la Universities
and large Corporations . . . often perhaps more intent on “dumbing down
” their potential users ! nerds students potentially far smarter up-to-date than
their “teachers”
EVEN GOOGLE now indexes PDF pages via their “spiders/crawlers” and ever-changing “secretive” ranking rules.
. . . Although we Still find achieving reasonable “web rankings” elude us. !
It seems the ONLY way is to pay “megabucks” to even get out of the “millions ranking” range
OR to get ”ripped off” by all those SEOs out there ! . .. with their false pretense “design solutions”
. . . one can’t keep up with all the “crawler rules” and the forever changing webscape designed
or if not left wide open to exploitation of us “mugs”

I guess WE still Must rely on our “high tech” info content and slowly acquired customer “loyalty factor”
. . . to hell with the over-simplistic web style utilised by most “twitter”,
“ 2-bob” websites out there !

ALL of OUR Chromtechs Sites PDFs are NOW seem to be SEARCHED by GOOGLE
and certainly the “internal” Site Only feature is useful . . . so use it

For . . . A “shortcut” complete  list of CHROMTECHs PDFs see
albeit chronically slow for more the about 10-25 PDF page bundles
Our FilePAGES via
and original
> . . . DIR Directory Structure !
and our FlipHTML5 Books ( a bit slow to load !) or via our Flip HTML5_Bookcases-m5 )

Use our FlipPAGEs  Flip Page Directory Listing > All more recent >2015 Pages  instead of PDF
 ( from the latest ) >
SubDirectories > ( but Prices Database??? no longer on-line
And Now MUCH “better still”
  OR  via Our Flip “HOMEPAGE”
(old(er) version of Flip )


but don’t U become intimidated by ALL this -
We’ve already done a lot of the “(un-) necessary” “hack work”
to make an unseemly Internet “mess” presentable

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& some Links
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> 4x Fly-out subMenus

NEW 2020+SHOPPE(s)€¯
mobile responsive€¯ -m350 <  > PC see also Shop2CT MalsCart


 > 1000px PCResults
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the Web "Ask"

the Web Or "Ask"

 eMail Your Response / Feedback ? !


‘11-2022 FlipHTML5
>a Shortcut

> PayPAL Cart ?

? ? ? on a 350px
 MickeyMouse mobile Phone
hhhmmm! forget it !

this CHROMTECH Sitehas evolved from literally day ONE of the WEB
<~1992+ >

some Supplier
Product Lines
 may in fact have disappeared
by attrition in a never unchanging World

IF SO please Use
OUR INFO as a Literature Resource

Work WITH us !
and we’ll attempt to findĀ ALTs

to try bringYOU
up to speed !

WE do apologise if IT ALL appears
a bit āarchaicā€¯
in design

  • if U find it difficult to Navigate
  • > explore our more recent SITES

We Do TRY !
at least compared to perhaps some of the more fashionable
“fly--by-night” Sites

often theres very little ā€œcontentā€¯

 E-Bay / Amazon 
and the gaggle¯Ā of copycats€¯ andeb pirates€¯
> out there !

Or perhaps
Fall Into€¯ > Twitter
in Your FaceBook

> GOOGLE perhaps
IF ? thats U !
BUT All THAT crap€¯ does tend to be ALL a bit pointless !€¯
& more for theĀ crazies€¯
of this World !
perhaps !

AS for
Carts ?

WE Do try keep prices up to date
more-so in later versions

as * designated !

Otherwise treat these Indicative ONLY but we will try & Honour
€¯if feasibleā€¯ ?

> ASK for a QUOTE

but it has proven a hopeless task
> across tens of
 1000s of potential products item

invariably these have used PayPAL
in the past for CC Payment >
A €¯more Universal€¯ system for SHOPS

> 2020+

n current times this has proven to be a bit flakey UNLESS
you have an ā€œactiveā€¯
funded PP Account

If U THEN still find PP diffcult ? >

> use PINCH GATEWAY an Australian based Method > & far
more reliable


more in “sync”€¯
with THE Aust Bank Regulation System€¯
> Bank Transfer Payment is preferred by Us for Invoice > $2000 due to fees !

  • Payment Details
    on Request ! Or on OUR  Manual
    Payment System !

All ABOVE > just part ofMY Rantings

> & ALL a  BLOG

Bullshit Left Overs

> perhaps ? extorted Web Rankingsā€ ?