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- Importers & Distributors in AUSTRALIA

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PDF Archive DIR
very slow for large catalogs >25p* = some PDFs
( but many more elswhere )

Chromalytic PRODUCTS (ALL) http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/bookcase/qeqw ok Case
some APPS Restek

Air Sampling Restek 2015-6 40p   Section http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/mkzf
Biotech014_201p Upchurch http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/zahx/ ok 
Cannabis_Restek-SRI 20`6_ 192p OK http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/etaz
Columns - ALL394p Restek 2011-12 MEGAColumns 2018 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/qeox/
Chromatography Fittings http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/ygti/ ok 
Chromatography Tubing http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/irxs/ ok 
Chromtech Price Lists 2016 33p (SRI) http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/ygug/  PL
Chromtech Product overview http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/crmw/ ok 
Chromtech Product Types Overview http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/pjrr/  Case
Chromtech PRODUCTS x12 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/bookcase/ihve ok Case
Chromtech PRODUCTS x7 2018 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/bookcase/yimt ok Case
CT-Chromtech PRODUCT LISTS 2014 Cat#s NO PRICES http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/dcwt
CT Vials Updated 2016 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/dolj/ ok 
Dynamic Duo ProFlow / LeakDetector   http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/tpez ok
FAST GC Solutions 29p    http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/nwih
* Ferrules PriceList 2016-Chromtech 5p 2016 Ferrules_PriceList-July2016.pdf PDF OK Item PDF OK
Ferrules-Chromtech Update July1016 27p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/xgrr OK
Ferrules-Chromtech 2014 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/vohb/  Section
Ferrules-Chromtech 22p 2014 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/stgd/ OK Item
Ferrules-Chromtech 27p 2011/12 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/ueab/ OK 
Filtration Equipment 9p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/vohb/ ok Section
Filtration products &Access http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/hrwb/ ok 
FiltrationProducts-Accessories012 66p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/ksza OK 
* FiltrationProducts-Accessories  66p FiltrationProducts-Accessories012_1-66.pdf OK
Fluid Handling x6 Bookcase http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/bookcase/nvax  Case
Fluid Transfer x12 Bookcase http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/bookcase/qjyf ok Case
Fluigent 26June 11:00pm flip.chromalytic.net.au/qxth/ restricted NOT OPEN ?
Fluigent_2017&OEM 101p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/lrpo/  
Gas Purification 52p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/qygv/ ok
Gas Purification 52p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/qygv/ ok
Gas Standards http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/nnmz/ ok 
Gases & Referances x9 Bookcase http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/bookcase/zvfxd ok Case
GC & Accessories Bookcase http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/bookcase/fqgjw ok Case
GC Accessories Restek 2015-6 129p   Section
GC Columns-Restek 127p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/jvhe
GC Columns x6 Bookcase http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/bookcase/hxlyi ok Case
HPLC Products x6 Bookcase http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/bookcase/iups ok Case
Instrumentation Valves - VICI 142p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/tdic/ ok Section
Kebby Crimper Catalog 2015 11p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/zpev/ ok
Kebby Crimper Catalog 2015 11p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/hpkq  
* Kebby PowerCrimper Op Manual-Parts 50p https://chromtech.net.au/pdf2/MicroLit014.pdf  
LDP1000 Ldetek Purifier http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/cjtz ok 
ProFLOW Op Manual 13p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/fppm/ ok
Manuals & Maintenance http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/bookcase/qqcw ok 
Main SUPPLIER x23 Catalogs (ALL) http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/bookcase/oshmj ok Case
Medlabs 2016 A Med FITTINGS 1-135   
Medlabs 2016 B Med Consumables 135-221 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/adwj/ ok 
MEGA 5MS http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/suxe/ ok 
MEGA APPS 71p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/bjkc/ 
* MEGA Columns Prices /pdf2/MEGA_FAST_GC_Performance_5p.pdf  
MEGA_FAST_GC_Performance_5p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/ffjg/ ok
MEGA-5MS App Note 71p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/izzg/ ok 
MEGAColumns Catalog 2015 16p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/qqex/ ok 
MEGAColumns Catalog 2015 Prices http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/gcir/ ok 
MEGAColumns Catalog 2018 16p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/ntdi ok
Membrane Solutions Update 2013 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/igmr/ ok Cat
* Membrane Solutions Vials 22p PDF /pdf2/ MS_Vials-CatNos09.pdf   Item
Metal Luer Adaptors -Cadence 15p&AUDPrices2017 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/khnw 
Microfluidics 2016 132p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/rwur 
MicroLit Dispensers 2016 Catalog 59p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/vzcc ok
MicroLit Dispensers 156p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/kaeo/ ok Cat
MiroLIT 2016-ALL & AUD PriceList 59 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/vzcc ok Cat
MRC Labs 2016 47p Update http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/tomu/ ok Cat
MS Vials 22p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/artg/ ok Cat
Packed Columns http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/bbvu/ ok 
Packed-MicroPacked Columns - Restek 2015-6 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/eyrj/ ok 
PeakSimple DataSystem 85p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/jmmt/ ok Item
PeakSimple DataSystem 8p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/eiqk OK 
Permeation Tubes_Metronics 61p PDF http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/hoxr ok
Pesticides Mix by LC & GC/MS http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/gdmw/ ok 
PlasmaDetek APPLICATIONS 2012-2017 143p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/jdvz   
PlasmaDetek Collection 2016 169p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/jdvz/ ok
PLOT Columns - Restek 2015-6 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/zkyn/ ok Section
PLOT Columns - Restek 2015-6.pdf http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/vmrq/  Section
PLOT StabilisedPCFL1163 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/zzzq OK 
* Precision Sampling Syringes 2020 70p https://pdf2.chromtech.net.au/VICI-PrecisionSampling2020_1-70.pdf
Precision Sampling Syringes 2020 70p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/boli
* ProFLOW 6000 User Manual 18p https://www.chromtech.net.au/pdf2/ProFlow6000-2010_1-18.pdf  
Pumps - NewERA Catalog 2016UPDATE 95p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/cytr ok Cat
Pumps - Senchen 60p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/avfq/ ok Cat
Pumps 2016-Syringe/Peristaltic 82p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/bbac/  Section
Raptor HPLC Columns - Restek http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/njom/ ok
Raptor SPP Core-Shell LC Columns 2016 57p  http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/aixf  Section
Reference Standards Restek-2015-6 http:/http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/ctbc/ ok Section
Restek 2011-12 Full http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/frlb ok 
Restek 2015/6 SECTION 2 p458-628 chromtech.net.au/flip/catalogs/restek/index.php/  
Restek Catalog 2015/16 628p  http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/gjtv ok Cat
Restek Catalog 2015-16 628p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/edqf  OK full cat
Restek Dynamic DUO 58p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/bjkc/ ok Item
Restek GC Columns 127p   Section http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/jvhe/ ok ALL Restek
Restek LC Accessories 2016 55p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/tund/ ok Section
Restek LC Columns 2016 40p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/bvdx/ ok Section
Restek Leak Detector http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/qyjs/ ok 
Restek MXT Columns 53p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/hoqq/ ok Item
Restek Packed Columns 2016 51p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/bbvu/ ok Section
Restek PesticidesMixes_2017-16p   
Restek Reference Standards 2011/12 102p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/ctbc/ ok Section
Restek Reference Standards 2011/12 102p 
Restek Rxi-Columns 76p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/fbdp/ ok Item
Restek SamplePREP http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/adsd/ ok Section
Restek Septacular   Item http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/jszo Septacular
Restek Supplies & Accessories 11/12 126p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/jhkr ok 
Restej Vials Syringes 2015-6 Update 46p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/lzwp ok
Restek Syringes Update 2015-6 24p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/bfbe ok
Restek Tech Notes v1 x14 478p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/xsfq/ ok
Restek Tech Notes v2 x12 398p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/qdhk/ ok 
Restek Topaz GC Inlet Liners 12p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/dbmd/ ok Item
RestekADV2001-05 298p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/fbux/ ok 
Sample Prep Restek 2015-6 22p   Section
SGE Syringe Selection Guide 93p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/ctsz ok
SHOPHELP-2018 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/hmli/ ok 
SilcoTek Coatings http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/bmzq/ ok 
SNAP LC Columns http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/pmey/ ok 
SPP-2.7vs5um   Item
SRI Cannabis GCs 123p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/etaz/ ok Section
SRI Data System Model 302 6-Channel 8p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/gnze/  Item
SRI GC Catalog 2014 Cannabis GCs http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/etaz/ ok Cat
SR GHCS some LITERATURE 2014 775p 117Mb http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/xcrs ok
SRI GCs) 2018 93p Error style http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/eucd ok 
SRI MultiGas Analysers 2016 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/gnze/ ok 
SRI Prices List 2016 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/ygug/ ok Section
SRICannabisGC 2015  123p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/etaz/ ok
SuperClean Gas Filters 8p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/hdpd ok 
Supplier ALL28Apr17 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/bookcase/nglk ok Case
Supplier Main x6 http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/bookcase/gxktj ok Case
Supplier Catalos-Products 2013 33p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/vehg
Syringe Pump NewEra Catalog http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/cytr/ ok 
SyringePumpPro User Guide 2014 V1 135p P http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/vzgg ok 
SyringePumpPro V1 2018 398p SPP-xxxxpdf http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/fpmk ok 
SyringePumpPro-SPP 65p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/jlnv ok 
Syringes : SGE Hamilton PS flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/jlnv/ ok 
"Syringes-SGE, Hamilton,NormJect, PrecSampling http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/jlnv/"   
Takasago 76p PDF /pdf2/TSJ-FluidSystems-Components_2014-16_76.pdf
Takasago Valves 2014-16 76p PDF http://flpi.chromalytic.net.au/books/fjei k
UV-Vis HPLC Lamps http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/ezbh/ ok Cat ok
Vacuum Filtration http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/gcru/ ok 
Value Plastics Catalog v026 122p  
Value Plastics Catalog v027 122p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/qbve/ OK Cat
Value Plastics Catalog v027 122p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/krng
Vials & Syringes Restek 2015-6 46p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/jncm/
Vials&Bottles Catalog http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/wdzi/ ok Cat
VICI_Jour 2012/15 #15 115p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/bmax/ ok vicijour
VICI_Jour 2012/15 #15 115p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/jshu/ ok ok vicijour
VICIJour Catalog 2018/19 20INT 132p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/zdcd/#p=1 
VICIValco 2012/16 289p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/tnyg ok ViciValco OK
VICI-Valco-Cheminert 2019 70 INT 245p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/pcao/
WebSite FlipIntro 35p http://flip.chromalytic.net.au/books/lumt/ ok 

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