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s e e 2011-22015-6 Catalogs some items R discontinued!: Printed Catalogs R NO LONGER AVAILABLE from Restek !
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Restek Capillary Columns :
New Rxi Technology
Fused Silica 2011-12 catalog 792 pages

Rxi 3-in-one Technology

Rtx11-12 Catalog  FLIP-HTML5

acrobat-but PDF

extract from Full Restek
Catalog 2011-12 > too large to be viabe 1- 792p
see FlipHTML5 catalog below

Selecting a GC Column : Fused Silica p23-30
Guard Columns / “Retention Gap” p31
Rxi®-1ms, Rxi®-5ms p41
Rxi®-5Sil MS p42-43
Rxi®-XLB, Rxi®-35Sil MS, Rxi®-17 p44
Rxi®-17Sil MS p45
Rxi®-624Sil MS p46
Rxi®-5HT, Rxi®-1HT p47
Rtx®-1 p49
Rtx®-5, Rtx®-5MS p50
Rtx®-20, Rtx®-35 p51
Rtx®-50, Rtx®-65 p52
Rtx®-440 p53
Rtx®-200, Rtx®-200MS p54
Rtx®-1301, Rtx®-624 p55
Rtx®-1701, Rtx®-225 p56
Rt®-2330, Rt®-2560 p57
Rtx®-Wax p58
Stabilwax® p59
Fast GC p60
Comprehensive GC 61

Metal MXT p112-121


Basic Compounds Analysis
- Rtx®-Volatile Amine Columns(fused silica) p63-65
Stabilwax®-DB Columns(fused silica) p66
Acidic Compounds Analysis
- Stabilwax®-DA Columns(fused silica) p67
Chiral Compounds
Cyclodextrin Columns p68
Foods, Flavors & Fragrances
cis/transFAMEs p69 Rt®-2560 Column p69
Polyunsaturated FAME Analysis p70 FAMEWAX
Rt®-CW20M F&F Columns p71
Triglycerides in Foods Analysis
Rtx®-65TG Columns p72
PAHs in Foods Analysis Rxi®-17Sil MS p73
Petroleum & Petrochemicals
Chlorinated Fluorocarbons (CFC) Analysis Rt®-Alumina BOND p74
Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA)
Rtx®-DHAfic Columns p62
Clinical, Forensic & Toxicology
Blood Alcohol Analysis
Rtx®-BAC1/Rtx®-BAC2 p82
Rxi®-624Sil MS Columns
USP<467> Residual Solvents analysis p83
Organic Volatile Impurities (OVI)Analysis Stabilwax® p84
Rtx®-G27 Column(fused silica with 5-meter Integra-Guard® guard column) p85

Petroleum &Petrochemical
Light Hydrocarbon Analysis
Rt®-Alumina BOND p76
Simulated Distillation (C5-C44) Analysis Rtx®-2887 p77
Simulated Distillation (C44-C100) Analysis MXT®-1HT SimDist Column(Siltek® treated stainless steel) p78
Robust MXT®-1HT SimDist p79
Aromatics & Oxygenates in Gasoline Analysis Rt®-TCEP p80
Biodiesel Fuels Analysis
MXT®-Biodiesel TG Columns(Siltek® treated stainless steel) p81
Semivolatiles Analyssi Rxi®-5Sil MS p87
Chlorinated Pesticides Analysis
Rtx®-CLPesticides/Rtx®-CLPesticides2 p88
Stx®-CLPesticides/Stx®-CLPesticides2 p90
Organophosphorus Pesticides Analysis
Rtx®-OPPesticides/Rtx®-OPPesticides2 p91
Brominated Flame Retardants Analysis
Rtx®-1614 p92
PCB Congeners Analysis Rtx®-PCB p93
Rxi®-XLB p94
Dioxin & Furan Congeners Analysis Rxi®-5Sil MS p95
Rtx®-Dioxin2 p96
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Analysis Rxi®-5Sil MS p97
Rxi®-17Sil MS  p98
Mineral Oil Analysis
Rtx®-Mineral Oil p99
Volatile Organics Analysis Rtx®-VMS  p100
Rtx®-VRX p101
Rtx®-502.2  p102
Rxi®-624Sil MS p103


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