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JR-792; Tube Cutting Tool Metal
JR-796; Plier Tube Cutters
JR-797; Clean-Cut Plastic Tube Cutter
JR-794; Guillotine Tubing Cutter
SSI-TC-20 Metal Cutting Saw-Mororised Wheel to 1/8”OD SS
23026; Shortix Fused Silica Capillary Column Cutter
20116 ;Ceramic Scoring Wafer - for Fused Silica
20124; Magnifying Glass x10
22187; Swivel Torch
20113; Mini Tube Reamers- FID Jet Reamer,6-pks
20122; Mini Hand Drill Set; 0.25,0.32,0.53mm for ferrule holes
26550; Solvent Bottle OverFlo Monitor-GL45
26261 The Claw Holder Kit
23019/21893; Re-threading Tool (Varian 1/4 & 7/16 GC Nuts)
23018 Agilent - ASK!

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