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ALLPrices are in AUD ex-GST+Freight Charge - some need Update ( Page > Latest Price Date ASK … f or a Quote !

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“Updated” 2019-6


           Overall our Website(s) are designed for laboratory Chemists interested in chromatography and fluid transfer products and offers a high tech” resource.of latest technical information.
After many attemps at “prototype”
SHOPPING Cart hs been relegated to that of a miniSITE more compatible with screen size of “mobile phones”
. . . It is
is a highly condensed version of our MAIN website and represents but a fewhundred out of some 30,000 items

( for example see our overall SupplierProduct Lists) FlipBook-2

Difficult to put all this into ANY ShopCart concept. Varying XRs certainly confound the issue!

Chromtechs' MiniSITE is designed to offer a few easy options to find on-line some of the more popular ChromalyticTech items - here within prices are indicative ONLY !
. . . more about our Shopping Cart.Details HOW to ORDER
. . . but direct via www.chromalytic.net.au . . . Our real Shopping Cart !

shoppe1-850. . . MiniSITE - CHROMTECH > some features

 Our NEW FlipSHOPPE is now integrated / synchronised within our CHROMTECH “System”
but the “XR business” is still a “huge potential “variable
& universally ”out of control” !

. . .  

Cat.#s designated CT…* have CT Discount auto-applied and * XR adjusted to current XR(Base)

On this Proto “CART” > some items have NOT been adjusted from
XR USD/AUD 0.95 to 0.79 down to
current 0.70 (04June2019) ,etc items are still under review ! and whilst Australia is  still in political/economical “crisis” ! See Mals-help

 NEW ! Our Main FlipSHOPPE >ALL quoted Cart prices  are current
and linked to our database “system”
HOW to ORDER . . . hints
and”in sync”

NOW updated to www.chromalytic.net.au
2015+ SITE /SHOP

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