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Plasmatek Multidetek-2
“Unique” Gas Analysis

Stand-alone GC Detector
Univeral Response
% down to low ppB

GC specs >
- 10-port GSV
- preferably with purged
diaphragm type
- He Carrier but Argon etc OK
=  & GasPurifier

  APPLICATIONS more see Mainsite . . .
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 Ldetek ChromatoMAG -1  PDF  28p Overview

  LD14-01 Light hydrocarbons measurement with the *PlasmaDetek-Esystem   with nitrogen carrier gas and the MultiDetek-2 PDF LD12-8 APPLICATION   
NOTE Analysis of Sulfurs with the PlasmaDetek PDF
  LD12-3 Analysis of Argon in pure oxygen with the PlasmaDetek and ArgoTek PDF
  Argotek Column separates Ar/O2 @ 50-degC . $1550

  Greenhouse Gas GC
Unique design, One Gas,& NO Ni63 ECD ! required

2-stage Ultra Gas Purifier
essential for use with trace gas analysis

MultiDetect-2 GC details PDF

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