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AUD Prices
“Updated” 2019-6


NE-1000-AS,NE-1000 Single Syringe Pump, Australian PwrSply,2kg:: FLIP
NE-1010-AS,NE-1010 High Pressure Syringe Pump, AusPwrSply,2kg : FLIP
002X-B,NE-1002X Microfluidics Single Syringe Pump, British PwrSply,2kg: FLIP
NE-1050-AS,NE-1050 High Speed Single Syringe Pump, AusPwrSuly,2kg: FLIP
NE-1600-AS,NE-1600 Six Syringe Pump with AusPwrSply,2kg: FLIP
NE-1650-AS,NE-1650 SIX Syringe High Speed, AusPwrSply,2kg: FLIP
NE-1800-AS,NE-1800 Eight Syringe Pump, AusPwrSply,2kg: FLIP
NE-1850-AS,NE-1850 Eight Syringe Pump High Speed, AusPwrSply,2kg: FLIP
N-1200-AS,NE-1200 Twelve Syringe Pump, Australian Power Supply,4kg: FLIP
NE-1250-AS,NE-1250 Twelve Syringe Pump High Speed, AusPwrSply,4kg: FLIP
NE-300-AS,NE-300 Just Infusion Syringe Pump, AusPwrSply,2kg: FLIP
NE-4000-AS,Double Syringe Pump, Australian Power Supply,3kg: FLIP
NE-4002X-E,NE-4002X Microfluidics Double Syringe Pump, AusPwrSply,3kg: FLIP
NE-4000-02AM,Double Syringe Pump Compatible with Syringe Heater Heat over 100°C, AusPwrSply,4kg: FLIP
NE-500,NE-500 OEM Syringe Pump2kg: FLIP
NE-501,NE-501 OEM Syringe Pump With Stall Detection,2kg: FLIP
NE-501L,NE-501L High Pressure OEM Syringe Pump Long,3kg: FLIP
NE-510,NE-510 OEM High Pressure Syringe Pump with no Encoder,2kg: FLIP
NE-550,OEM High Speed Syringe Pump with No Encoder,3kg: FLIP
NE-4500,OEM Double Syringe Pump,3kg: FLIP
000-AP,NE-9000 Peristaltic Pump,3kg: FLIP
DUAL-NE-1000-AS,Dual NE-1000 Syringe Pump, AusPwrSply,3kg: FLIP
Netbook Syringe Pump,Netbook Syringe Pump,3kg: FLIP
FW-1-X,X Upgrade : FLIP
1-X2,X2 Upgrade: FLIP
FW-5-X,X Upgrade, 500 Series: FLIP
FW-5-X2,X2 Upgrade, 500Series: FLIP
The X and X2 upgrades are available for all models except for the NE-300,Syringe Heater & Accessories,Syringe Heater,Syringe Heater Kit,500g: FLIP
Heating Pad 2+,Heating Pad, 1st Additional with Y Connector
PWR-220-110-E ,European Sytle Step-Down Transformer (No Australian Style Available currently,

OEM Family Starter Kits,
OEM-STARTER-AS,Australian Power Supply 12VDC 0.8A Pump to PC Network Cable: FLIP
OEM-STARTER-AM,Australian Power Supply 12VDC 1A Pump to PC Network Cable: FLIP
OEM-NET-AS,Australian Power Supply 12VDC 0.8A with Secondary Cable: FLIP
OEM-NET-AM,Australian Power Supply 12VDC 1A with Secondary Cable: FLIP

Product Enhancement Accessories,

ADPT-ANABOX-11,Analog Sensor Interface adapter: FLIP
ADPT-FOOTSW-2,Foot Switch Package: FLIP
ADPT-LOCKOUT,Lock Out Disable Key: FLIP
ADPT-VALVE-INTERFACE-1,Single Valve Control Box: FLIP

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