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The NEW MEGA-WAX HT Column : stable up to 300degC for FAST_GC, GCxGC and MDGC.
The modified PEG and the new coating procedure especially developed guaranteed high stability even at 300degC
Read the “LCGC - Europe” Feb 2010 issue -  a technical article shows the performance of this new column applied to FAST-GC and Gcxgc 2D-GC Analysis




Other High Temperature Phases

MEGA-1 HT - stable to 370-380C
MEGA-5 HT - stable to 370-380C

MEGA-17 HT - stable to 370C
MEGA-SE54 HT - stable to 370-380C

MEGA-WAX HT - stable to 300C

NEW 2015 - from MEGA . . . Metal Fused Silica-lined MTX range . . . ASK!

Unique > to 300 degC Max X-1.20 MEGA for the most reasonable Prices on then Net ASK for a QUOTE ! X=1.10