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AUD Prices
“Updated” 2019-6


GC Detectors

Unit (Cell & Electronics); 220V,ea;5kg

TCD2-NiFe,VICI Microvolume TCD DetectorVICI microTCD Detector Entire,5kg $6490* Unit (Cell & Electronics); 220V,ea;5kg

VICI  Pulsed Discharge Detectors - Non-radioactive, Multiple Mode; Electron Capture; HePhotoionisation
ASK for options pricing

Plasma Emission Detector, 5kg
PlasmaTek ~$7250 Ask!

DET - Thermionic Detectors - Transducers
NPD, PTID, TID-1, TID-3, TID-5, FTID, FID, Remote FID, Tandem TID)
TID-1, NPD electronics, Ceramic TID beads  > Selectivitty to Oxygenates and Branch HCs
see main site for details

DET Beads $495ea
TID-1, NPD(TID-2 & TID-4)
specify GC Type; mounting flange/cable are different.

Constant Current Power Supply

Retrofit to Agilent 6890/790 also Thermo, Varian, SRI GCs
and HP5890

X=1.472 @0.70