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USA Import(s)  Indicative Pricing  Only * (@0.73) Mal’s $ Adjustments

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ALLPrices are in AUD ex-GST+Freight Charge - some need Update ( Page > Latest Price Date ASK … f or a Quote !

AUD Prices
“Updated” 2019-6


AIR Freight Add-on : manually !
Local Freight :
   Melb Metro ( 60km GPO ) $15.00  to <10kg; $25; 20kg; $30 30kg

Interstate (metro) : auto-added  via Cart options
oll Air 5kG(Satchel) Max; $30.00 ( NO Glass )
   Sydney, Brisbane Adelaide
   Perth, Darwin; $40 2days Min
       Interstate Road (metro) 10Kg $30.00 plus $2 per kg; 2days

International (Air Courier)
  USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Germany
Minimum Charge : USD85.00 per 500gm
   SHOPPE : Melb “Delvery add-on Fee” $15.00
Air Charge $20 per kg 5    :   transit ~5 days

IImport Freight
- generally Freight included in price from our regular Suppliers.
. . .Small Orders may have an import cost depending on urgency

   Large Items . . . Ask for quote
ex USA 30kg $800

in SHOPPE some Multiple Line Options are shown on Order Form :
DELETE Those NOT applicable
The $15 Melb Charge is added in the  PayPAL Summary
in the interim . . . We rely on your honestly
Your Goods MAY NOTSHIP until the correct Freight charge has been paid
 . . . As a “top up PayPAL Invoice”

$ 85.00

AIR Freight Add-on

Costs added by YOU via a
Line Item in our SHOPPE Cart


ADD-on Freight

Plus $15.00 Melb Handling Fee