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AUD Prices
“Updated” 2019-6

Chrom-Vials Prices

          SCREW Cap Vials
           9mm 2ml 12x32mm
           CTV0101100*,Vial,2ml,12×32mm,DN9mm Clear Screw top ,100/pk,$15.5

CTV0103100*,Vial,2ml ,12×32mm,DN9mm Amber Screw top,100/pk,$15.5
V0102100*,Vial,2ml,12×32mm,DN9mm Clear Screw /graduation and marking spot ,100/pk,$18.6

V0104100*,Vial,2ml ,12×32mm,DN9mm Amber Screw top/graduation marking spot,100/pk,$18.6
CAPS    CTV0114100*,Caps,Blue, For DN9mm Screw top Vials with pre-assembled 9mm Septa,100/pk,$29.45
V0111100*,open top caps,Blue,For 9-425 Screw Vials,100/pk,$9.3
V0121100*,Septa,Red PTFE/White Silicone,9 mm for 9-425 Caps, 0.040″thick,100/pk,$15.5
V0122100*,Septa,Red PTFE/White Silicone with slit,9 mm for 9-425 Caps, 0.040″thick,100/pk,$18.6
CTV0114100*,Caps,Blue, For DN9mm Screw top Vials with pre-assembled 9mm Septa,100/pk,$29.45
V0115100*,Caps,Blue, For DN9mm Screw top Vials with pre-assembled 9mm slit Septa,100/pk,$32.55
           8mm  2ml 12x32mm
CTV0201100*,Vial,2ml ,12×32mm,Clear(8-425)Screw,100/pk,$15.5
CTV0203100*,Vial,2ml ,12×32mm,Amber(8-425)Screw ,100/pk,$15.5
V0202100*,Vial,2ml,12×32mm,Clear(8-425)Screw with graduation and marking spot,100/pk,$18.6
V0204100*,Vial,2ml ,12×32mm,Amber(8-425)Screw, with graduation  and marking spot ,100/pk,$18.6
CAPS   V0211100*,open top Caps,Black, for 8-425 Screw Vials,100/pk,$9.3
V0212100*,open top caps,white, for 8-425 Screw Vials,100/pk,$9.3
V0221100*,Septa,Red PTFE/White Silicone,8 mm for 8-425 Caps ,0.050″thick,100/pk,$15.5
CTV0214100*,Caps,Black, For 8-425 Screw Vials with pre-assembled 8mm Septa ,100/pk,$29.45
V0215100*,Caps,Black, For 8-425 Screw Vials with pre-assembled 8mm slit Septa,100/pk,$32.55V0222100*,Septa,Red PTFE/White Silicone/with slit, 8 mm for 8-425 Caps
,0.050″thick ,100/pk,$18.6

20ml    V1020100*,Vials,20ml,28×57mm,Clear Screw top,100/pk,$41.85
V1021100*,Vials,20ml,28×57mm,Amber Screw top,100/pk,$41.85
40m/    CTV1040100*,Vials,40ml,28×95mm,Clear Screw top,100/pk,$51.15
CTV1041100*,Vials,40ml,28×95mm,Amber Screw top,100/pk,$51.15
CAPS    CTV1012100*,open top caps,White,PP,24-400 Screw ,100/pk,$10.85

V1011100*,Solid top caps,Black,PP,24-400 Screw with pre-assembled PP Septa ,100/pk,$12.4
4ml 15x45mm 13-425
CTV0501100*,Vials only,4ml,15×45mm,13-425,ClearScrew top,Nograds,100-pk,$22.5     
CTV0503100*,Vials only,4ml,15×45mm,13-425, AmberScrew top,Nograds,100-pk,$22.5

CTV0521100*,Septa,Red PTFE/WhiteSilicone12mm, for13-425 Caps,0.060″thick,100-pk,$27.0
CAPS    CTV0513100*,open top caps,Black, for13-425 Screw Vials,100-pk,$13.50
CTV0514100*,Solid top caps,with pre-assembled Red PTFE/White Silicone Septa,100-pk$36.0
CTV0515100*,open top caps,Black,with pre-assembled RedPTFE/White Silicone Septa,100-pk,$43.5

CRIMP Top Vials
CTV0301100*,Vial,2ml,12×32mm,clearCrimp top,100/pk,$15.5
CTV0303100*,Vial,2ml ,12×32mm,AmberCrimp top,100/pk,$15.5
V0302100*,Vial,2ml,12×32mm,clearCrimp top,with graduation and marking spot,100/pk,$18.6
V0304100*’Vial,2ml,12×32mm,AmberCrimp top,with graduation and marking spot,100/pk,$18.6
CAPS    V0311100*,11mm open top Silver Aluminum Seal,100/pk,$4.65
V0321100*,11mm Septa,Red PTFE/White Silicone ,0.050″thick,100/pk,$18.6
V0322100*,11mm Septa,Red PTFE/White Silicone with slit ,0.050″thick,100/pk,$21.7
CTV0314100*,11mm Silver Aluminum Seal with pre-assembled 11mm Septa,100/pk,$27.9
V0315100x*11mm Silver Aluminum Seal with pre-assembled 11mm slit Septa,100/pk,$31.0

VIAL Inserts
V0401100*,250ul,conical style,clear glass,5.8×31mm,100/pk,$18.0
V0402100*,200ul,conical style,clear glass,5.8×29mm,withPP spring,100/pk,$27.0
V0403100*,200ul,conical style,clear glass,5×31mm,100/pk,$18.0
V0404100*,150ul,conical style,clear glass,5.8×29mm,withPP spring,100/pk,$27.0
V0411100*,300ul,shell style,clear glass,5.8×31mm,100/pk,$15.5
V0413100*,250ul,shell style clear glass,5×31mm,100/pk,$15.5
V0513100*,metal bottom spring for conical insert ,5.8×16mm,100/pk,$15.0
V0521100*.metal bottom spring for conical insert,5×16mm,100/pk,$15.0

Vial Accessories
V0903001,11mm hand crimper,1/PK,$259
V0905001*,Stack Rack,50 (5X10)holes,Vial DIAM(mm) 11-12, Blue PP,Rack DIM 190x100x23mm,ea,$54.0
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Chromatography Grade Vials VialsScrew & Crimp Top

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